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Compstall Mill and the Andrew Family.


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Information on Rev. Kenrick Prescot
Typed family Tree of the Rev Kenrick Prescot 1831 - 1919 who was married to Grace Andrew in 1864.
Extracts from Foster : Alumni Ozoniensis 1888 & Crockfords Clerical Directory.

Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates of Andrew Family : Will of George Andrew
Birth Certificate : Alice Maude Andrew 1860
Marriage Certificates : Edith Alice Andrew 1867, Alice Maude Andrew 1880, Grace Andrew 1864,
Death Certificates : Thomas Andrew 1843, Sarah Jane Andrew 1842, George Andrew 1854, George Andrew 1873, Ellen…

Genealogy Research : Andrew Family : B D Thelwall & P Hallam
Correspondence between Mr Threlfall from Cambridge and Mr P Hallam from Wirral relating to genealogical research into Mr Threlfalls wife's family connection to the Andrew Family of Compstall she was the fifth daughter of George Andrew II.

Business Correspondence for Compstall Mill : 1880's
Original handwritten correspondence to George Andrew from Macadam Brothers, Soho Foundry, Belfast regarding water wheel dated 1878 - 1880.
Original handwritten letter from Knott Mill Iron Works dated 1880 relating to maximum speed limit.

Letter from Montague Woodmass : 1898
Original single page handwritten letter from Montague Woodmass dated 4th October 1898 thanking "Gentlemen" for their kind and sympathetic feelings"

Magazine article " The Romance of Compstall Mill" : 1951
Article from Calico Printers Association magazine The Star Spring 1951. Volume 1 Number 1 under the Heading The Textile Industry an integral part of the fabric of Britain's Histoy and of her future and entitled "The Romance of Compstall…

Tender to supply Pipes for turbine at Compstall Mill : 1880
Original tender to supply pipes for Turbine at Compstall Mill addressed to George Andrew at Mosley Street Manchester from Thorncliffe Iron Works and Collieries Sheffield, dated June 24th 1880 price quoted £259.0s0d.

List of dates relating to Compstall  & Andrew Family : 1086 - 1970
Handwritten list of important dates from 1086 Domesday to 1970 that relate to development of Compstall, the Mill and Andrew Family.
Source unknown

Information Pack : Historical Study : Andrew Family and Village of Compstall
Typed 3 page document for information pack relating to the Andrew Family and the village of Compstall by Jean Gent for historical studies by 2nd year students of Marple Hall School. Proposed client Mrs Bramwell, Head of History, Marple High…

Photograph of Chimney at Compstall Mill
Undated colour photographs showing the Chimney at Compstall Mill.
Demolished by Graham Collins, Steeplejack & Building of Glossop in early 1970's

Lecture : Andrews Family & Compstall Mill : Given 1934/5
Two draft typed copies of a lecture on the history of the Andrews family, Compstall and Compstall Mill given to Mellor Lodge of Freemasons at George Hotel, Compstall circa 1934/5 by Joseph Swindells.

Proposed Regeneration of Compstall Mill Estate : 2007
Two page letter to Marple Local History Society from GKA Limited requesting local organisations to join in a consultation on the regeneration of the estate by their clients Ask Property Developments.
Giving dates of the public consultations

Material on  Compstall Hall : Residents and Dates
Material on ( Green Hill ) later Compstall Hall :
1. Typed document listing owners / residents with dates for Compstall Hall from 1824 to 1982
2.Photocopied extract from Stockport Ancient & Modern on Compstall. Page 215 Volumn 2 Higginbotham.

Essay : From Edward's Family Letters : 1911
Eight page typed essay entitled "From the Edward's family letter 1911" with extracts from the letters written to Mr T A Edwards by his wife and two daughters and others while away on business in South Africa between March and June 1911 giving insight…

Compstall : The Mill and Village : Undated
Four page typed draft document (possibly written as a chapter by Mrs Taylor ) giving history of Andrews family, Compstall and Compstall Mill
Author and date unknown

Material & Memories relating to Compstall and Edwards Family
Various information on Compstall and Edwards family ;
1. Typed information : Manchester Mercury 1794, 1798, 1799 : Estate for Sale
2. Typed Information : Grahams History of Calico Printing : James Andrew : Stockport Advertiser 1848 James Andrew…

Two advertisments mentioning Compstall Mill
Two colour advertisments for Gartside & Company making CEPEA Shirting and Pyjama Fabrics at Compstall Mill. Date unknown.
1. How the mill workers defended the Mill from Luddites in 1827.
2. Description of Lily Wheel in 1838 and water turbine.

Planning Permission Notice : Orlando House, Compstall
Photograph of Change of Use Notice for Orlando House to 7 Residential apartments. dated 6th May 2014.
Downloaded Gasgoigne Halman estate agents details for sale of Orlando House : £385.000
Two Colour photocopied pictures of George Hotel and…
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