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Text / Maps from Exhibition on History and Development of Marple
Text and maps from exhibition giving the history and development of the Marple Area dating from Henry V111 in 1536 which led to the parishes being responsible for the relief of the poor to 1970's and Marple becoming part of Stockport MBC.
Date and…

The Marple Story by James H Grimshaw 1996
Selection of Marple Post articles entitled the "The Marple Story" by James H Grimshaw 1996 (Parts 1 - 13)
Giving history, farming, housing and other subjects.

Two articles from Marple Website : 2003 & 2004
Pages from Mark Whittaker's Marple Website with articles on:
1. "An away day to Marple". Brief history of tourism in the 1800's.
2. "Restoration of the Marple Locks & Aqueduct". Brief history

Newspaper articles from the "Village Scene"
Photocopies of newspaper Articles on A3 paper from The Reporter under the title : "Village Scene" : 1976.
1. May 14th 1976 article entitled " There is plenty of History in Marple" by Kate Coress
2. May 28th 1976 article entitled "The Growth of…

Marple in 1850  : Mr Fletcher
Photocopy of Mr Fletcher handwritten notes entitled "Marple in 1850".
5 pages giving information and history of Marple circa 1850.
Date written unknown.

Marple Township : Mr Fletcher
Original handwritten and photocopy of 13 pages of notes by Mr Fletcher entitled "Marple Township"
Giving history of the Township of Marple from 13th Century
Date unknown when written

Old Marple and some of its Worthies : Mr Fletcher
Original handwritten 5 page essay on foolscap paper along with photocopy on A3 paper by Mr Fletcher entitled "Old Marple and some of its worthies"
Date unknown.

The Marple Story in Press cuttings
Printed pages giving snippets of information retrieved from Local Reference libraries on the topic of local history.
With funny, sad, interesting and amazing new items concerning local area sourced from local newspapers of the period.

Extract : History of the County Palatine and City of Chester
Photocopies of pages from The History of the County and City of Chester : Macclesfield Hundred mentioning the Marple Area.
Pages 839, 840 and 841.

John Cassidy Quiz on Local History
Newspaper article written by John Cassidy who asks : "What do you know of Bredbury, Romiley and Marple?" a quiz with 24 question from unknown publication dated from 2.1.1970, with photograph of The Rowarth water wheel
Second article following week…

Extract : Stockport Ancient & Modern : Henry Heginbotham 1892
Extract from Stockport Ancient & Modern by Henry Heginbotham 1892 relating to the Township of Marple.
Also handwritten notes relating to population and religions of Marple from this publication.

The Village of Mellor
Single page typed article entitled "The Village of Mellor" author & date unknown, giving brief history and information on Mellor

Poem "The Changing Valleys" by J Brady 1973
Photocopy of Poem by J Brady dated 23.2.73 "The Changing Valleys" containing references to Samuel Olknow and local area around Marple.
Pages 15-17 from unknown source.

Newspaper Article : "Industrial Heritage"
Newspaper article entitled "Industrial Heritage" re Marple and Mellor by G.H.W. giving history and information on the Industrialization of the Marple Area
Source and date Unkown

Memories of Marple Bridge : Mr Hughes : 1920's
Photocopy of a three page handwritten letter from Mr Bill Hughes dated 1983 with his memories of Marple Bridge and surrounding area back to the 1920's

Potted History of Marple : 1830-1990 with maps
Potted history using local OS maps from 1830 - 1990, highlighting local landowners and change in both surrounding structures and industries.
9 pages of text with accompanying maps titled:
1. Agriculture & the Birth of Industry 1830
2. From…

Email : Elizabeth Bainbridge Re. Hugh Lane : 2012
Email received from Elizabeth Bainbrige giving brief history of her father Hugh Lane and his life and career in Marple.
Formal tennis photograph show High Lane, left front.

Extracts from The Reporter re Water Supply : 1926 & 1933
Two original newspaper articles from The Reporter re Water Supply
1. 17.4. 1926 heading "After 26 years-Some memories of an old acquaintance happily deceased".
2. 12.8.1933 heading "No water sold to campers - Coun Knowles Denies statement".

Flyer : Possible  Closure of Delivery Office Protest : 2016
Flyer informing of possible closure of Marple Postal delivery Office effecting local postal service in the area and asking for input during the consultation period.
Printed by the Communication Workers Union

History as Called to Mind in Present Place Names : T Cooper
Original and photocopy of Booklet entitled "Urban District of Marple : History as called to mind in present place names by Thomas Cooper, Surveyor and Water Engineer 1936-1945.
13 pages with Alphabetical list of local buildings, roads, schools etc…
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