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Series of folders containing items relating to Marple Local History Society.


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Exhibition Programme : 1963
Two original 1963 Exhibition Programme for October 5th and 12th at Manor House, Station Road, Marple.
Programme produced by Marple Antiquarian Society giving details of Exhibits, Committee Members.

Two books from Marple Antiquarian Society  : 1964 - 1971
Two original books with handwritten notes from Marple Antiquarian Society's meetings, notes on talks given with dates and newspaper cuttings.
1. Volume 1 from April 1964 - 1970 with minutes of Meetings, notes on talks given, miscellaneous newspaper…

Two Black & White Photographs : Mrs Swindells & Mrs Nelson
Two black and white photographs undated ;
1. Mrs Swindells First Chairman of Marple Antiquarian Society holding book.
2. Mrs Swindells and Mrs Louise Nelson Marple Antiquarian Society Secretary

Local History Exhibitions : Poster and Flyers : 1995 - 2000
Posters, Flyers and Events advertising Local History Events:
1. Exhibition Poster : 1995 : Years of Independence 1895-1974
2. Heritage Week Poster : 1995 : Events at Marple Library plus two original invitations.
3. Marple Hall Exhibition : 1996 :…

Ann Hearle  material connection  to MLHS.
Material relating to Ann Hearle and her work and committement to MLHS and interests.
Newspaper Cuttings :
a. 1985 : A Historians Dream with Tom Oldham
b. 1995 : Heritage Week : Article & Photograph x 3
c. 1995 : Book Launch with Peter Bardsley…

Extract from The Ridge No 2 : Marple Local History Society
Photocopied extract from The Ridge, Summer 1991 entitled "Marple Local History Society" giving information and history of the Society and requesting old records and photographs.

Marple Local History Society Committee Meeting Minutes : <br /><br />
August, October and November 1998
Three typed documents giving information of the Marple Local History Society Committee Meeting Minutes for August, October and November 1998.
N.B. : Three folders containing Minutes of Committee Meetings from 1976 - 2005 in archive : Second Shelf.

Constitution and Rules of Marple Local History Society
Photocopy of four page document containing the Constitution and Rules of Marple Local History Society : Undated.

Marple Antiquarian &amp; Local History Society : Programme 1977/78
Original Marple Antiquarian & Local History Society's letter with programme for speakers 1977/78 and enrollment slip.

Marple Antiquarian Society Notes, Accounts, AGM  Meetings 1970, 71, 72 &amp; 73.
Typed notes from Marple Antiquarian Society
1. Accounts, AGM, news items for 1970
2. Notes from 1970, 71, 72 and 1973

Programmes from Marple Antiquarian &amp; Local History Society &amp; M.L.H.S. from 1964
Numerous original programmes from Marple Antiquarian Society & Local History Society and Marple Local History Society dating from 1964 giving information of the talks to be held in each year and contact details of the Committee Members.

Marple Antiquarian Society Minutes &amp; Notes from 1971 - 1978
Loose -leaf binder containing Marple Antiquarian Society's Committee Meetings. Handwritten minutes, notes and newspaper cuttings from 1971 - 1978

Recording AGM,s Meetings, telephone numbers and miscellaneous newspaper cuttings and miscellaneous…

Marple Antiquarian Society Accounts : 1973
Marple Antiquarian Society typed receipts and payments account for the year ended October 3lst 1973

List of Society Excursions : 1972 - 2010
A4 typed documents with lists of Excursions :
1. Antiquarian Society and Marple Arts Group from 1972 - 1996.
2. Marple Local History Society Excursions from 1996 - 2010
3. List of Excursion for Marple Local History Society 1999 - 2000.

Marple Antiquarian Society Notice of AGM : 1982
Photocopy of Marple Antiquarian Society Notice to Members of the AGM for 1982

List of Exhibitions/book launches : 1951 -2010
Typed list of Society Exhibitions / Book Launches dating from 1990 with Oldknow Exhibition at Marple Library to 2010 "Ten Years On" at St Martins church hall.
Newspaper cutting : Book Launch "The Historical Industries of Marple and Mellor.

Glimpse of Yesteryear Article
Photocopy of undated article ( possibly 1971) under the heading Roundabout Marple by Nigel Parks subheading A glimpse of Yesteryear with details of Marple Antiquarian Society fascinating show.

Photographs of History Society Meetings/Excursions
Folder containing numerous miscellaneous colour and black and white photographs from 1994 - 2011 of History Society's Exhibitions, Excursions and Committee Members taken by members of the Society showing layouts, openings of exhibitions

Marple Local History Society Newsletters
10 Marple Local History Society Newsletters
1996, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 04, 07 09. Giving information of upcoming talks, news and points of interest to members

Article : Foundation of Marple History Society : 2007
Single page article giving information on the foundation of Marple History Society from SK Local Magazine : June/July 2007, brief history from Antiquarian Society to Marple local history society giving information on trips.

Correspondence to MLHS
Three letters to Marple Local History Society :
1. Thank you letter from Brabyns School after attending Oldkknow exhibition. Undated
2. Letter from Windlehurst School sending photographs. Undated
3. Solicitors letter regarding a bequest to the…

Talk : Brabyns  Then and Now : 1992
Typed 7 page transcript of a talk given by A Hearle & Peter Bardsley on the 17th February 1992 entitled "Brabyns Then & Now" giving history of the estate formation to becoming a public park in 1945.

Lecture : History of the NHS in Marple : 1999
Typed 12 page transcript of lecture given by Dr Thomas to Marple Local History Society on March 22nd 1999 entitled History of he National Health Service in Marple 1948 -1999.

Talk : The Civil War in Lancashire : 2000
Typed 47 page transcript of the talk given by Ben Alexander on the 2lst February 2000 entitled The Civil War in Lancashire with illustrations.

Talk : Turnpikes and Roads in Marple :  2003
Ring bound book with research notes, map references and source material for a talk to be given by Tony Jones on the Bridges, highways and turnpikes.
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