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William Aspinall : Family Details / Compstall Memories
Letter from John Aspinall, Surrey dated 2001 giving information on his great grandfather William Aspinall, who moved to Compstall in the 1840's to work in the mill.
Also an essay "My Ancestors" written by him giving information in text/photographs…

Material on Hadfields of Mellor
Material on the Hadfields of Mellor :
1. Correspondence from 1991-95 with Roger Hadfield relating to family research.
2. 8 page short paper on Hadfields of Mellor by RH 1991.
3. Miscellaneous hand written research notes, maps and family trees

Material on the Hambleton Family : Mellor & USA
Material relating to the Hamleton Family from Mellor and USA:
1. Correspondence with Betty Hambleton 1986 - 1988 and Shiela Dixon 1992 : Family geneology.
2. Research notes, Birth, Marriages and deaths in Mellor and USA.
3. Photocopies of…

Thomas Hardy Family Research
E mail correspondence 2012 with Eileen Redman relating research into her Great great grandfather Thomas Hardy who died at the Garden House in 1876.

The De Meluers of Mellor Pedigree
Typed pedigree of the early Derbyshire Branch of the De Meluers of Mellor starting with Simon de Meluer, Forester of Fee of Lanendale 1200 to Thomas Chetham who married Ann Strode in 1770 and moved away from Mellor

Adam Cuthbert Morris
Correspondence with Christine Harradine 2013 with information on family history, with photographs of her grandfather Adam Cuthbert Morris and his connection with Brabyns Hall during WW1.
Photograph shows Adam Morris in the Glengarry sitting…

John Paterson : Memories of Mellor
Handwritten letter from John Paterson 1992 with memories from him and his wife Margaret McClelland who were both born in Mellor and married at Mellor Church

Material on Ratcliffe Family
Material relating to Thomas Ratcliffe and family :
1. Black & White & colour photographs of Ratcliffe family members, gravestones, properties including Priestfield from early 1900
2. Census records, email correspondence with Stephen Till.

Savil Family Tree
Handwritten family tree for the Savil family starting with John Savil 1719 - 1914 highlighting information from Parish Register and Memorial Stones in Mellor Churchyard.

Material on Sigley Family
Material relating to the Sigley family :
1. Two page typed document "Extracts from Mr Tom Sigley's acccount of his family and people he knew in Mellor"
2. Several black and white photographs of Peter Sigley and family members.
3. Photocopy of…

R E Thelwall : Obituary 1976.
Photocopy of newspaper cutting giving details of R E Thelwall obituary notice dated 1976, with information on his life and interests including research into Mellor Church Font and Robin Hood Picking Rods. Newspaper unknown
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