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Railways of Marple and District.


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Booklet : Marple Rail Trails by W R Burton : 1982
Booklet entitled Marple Rail Trails by Warwick R. Burton M.A. (Cantab) published in 1983.
Profusely illustrated giving two guided trails to locations of railway historic interest in Marple and District for the walker, cyclist and motorist.

Booklet ; Railways of Marple & District from 1794 : W R Burton : 1980
Signed booklet by Warwick R Burton tracking the history of railways from earliest 1794 to 1980.
Twelve chapters with photographs and text showing development and future prospects of Marple & Districts railway system.

Timetable of the Midland Railway : 1903
Photocopy of pages 81 - 92 from the Midland Railway Timetable for July, August and September 1903 covering the Marple area also with Special notices of the Isle of Man daily sailing timetable.

Timetable for the Great Central Railway 1903
Photocopy of selected pages from the Great Central Railway timetable for July, August & September 1903 for the Marple area also information on cab fare to and from London Road and Central Stations in Manchester

Timetable for London & North Eastern Railway 1928
Photocopy of pages 276 - 270 of the North Eastern Railway timetable for September 1928 for Manchester, Reddish, Woodley, Stockport, Macclesfield & Hayfield including Marple

Timetable for London Midland & Scottish Railway : 1926
Photocopy of selected pages from the Timetable for LMS Railway for September 1926 covering the Marple area also including map of the Lake District & Lancashire are including LMS lines and other railways including steamer routes.

Bradshaw's British Rail Guide 1948
Photocopy of an extract from Bradshaw's British Railways Guide and Hotel Directory for lst to 26th Sepember 1948, containing timetable information for trains covering the London/Midlands Region including Marple and surrounding areas

British Rail London Midland Region Timetable : 1965-66
Photocopies of Pages 696 - 725 covering the Marple area from the British Rail, London Midland Region Timetable for passenger services 14th June 1965 - April 1966

Rail Ticket for Midland Railway to Peak District : 1904
Original week-end ticket for the Midland Railway to the Peak District of Derbyshire dated 1904

Extract from Manchester Field Naturalist Society : 1863 Excursion to Marple
Photocopy of original extract and typed transcript from the Manchester Field Naturalist's Society Magazine dated 1863.
Leo H Grindon, Honarary Secretary giving an account of an excursion taken on the 9th May 1863 by railway.

Repairs / Renovation Plan to Marple Viaduct : 2000's
Original master Project drawings / optioneering with location details and photographic information for a clean, painting and minor repairs project to be carried out between spans 2 - 14 on Marple Viaduct.
Undated possibly 2000' s

"Marple A One Time Traffic Centre" article by W Burton : 1994
Photocopy of an article from British Railway Journal, Autumn 1994 entitled "Marple a One-time Traffic Centre of the Midland Railway" by Warwick Burton giving history with text and photographs along with hand drawn plans of Marple Station c1900

Material on Marple Viaduct : From various sources
Single page downloaded from English Heritage Archives website in 2013 showing a photograph with text and description of a train crossing the Marple Viaduct of the River Goyt, Stockport.

Go to Hyperlink below for article from MLHS website relating…

Reminiscences of Marple Train Station
Photocopies of hand written reminiscences :
Mrs Taylor of Ridge Road, Marple c. 1910
School Trains of the 1934
Water Columns / goods shed / turntables and the architecture of the station with drawings reminiscences mainly of the 1920's and 30'3

Newspaper / Magazine Articles on Marple Station
Newspaper and Magazine articles on Marple Railway Station :
1. Todays Railways UK 2011 : News article on difficult access for passengers at Marple Station.
2. The Review 2009 : "A Rail Bridge Too Far for Paul" by Avril Marsh discussing with Paul…

Platform Art : Well Dressing by St Mary's Schoolchildren : 2015
Photocopy of photographs taken on the Marple Station Platform of Art Work as Well Dressing pictures depicting 150 years celebration and The Railway Children.
Completed by the pupils of St Mary's School 2015

Roundel from Marple Station Canopy
Photocopy of photograph of the roundel from Marple Station Canopy depicting the M & S initials of the Manchester & Sheffield Railway.
The Society Archive also hold an original cast iron roundel as in the photograph which is painted red.

Booklet : New Mills History Notes No 6. Railways of New Mills and District
Booklet entitled New Mills History Notes No.6 : Railways of New Mills and District dated 1984 by Derek Brumhead.
History of New Mills Station and railway with hand drawn illustrations showing stations, turnpike roads, canals, and other forms of…

"All Change at Marple" : School Project : W R Burton : 1971-2
Handwritten school text book belonging to Warwick R Burton for his Design Course 1971 -1972 with the title "All Change at Marple!"
History of Marple Station and railways given in text, drawings and photographs.

Railway material bequeathed by Warwick Burton : 2017
Railway material bequeathed by Warwick Burton : 2017
A Life time of memorabilia collected by Warwick Burton which was bequeathed to Marple Local History Society on his sudden death in November 2015.
Included in this file are newspaper report…

Email correspondence : Agatha Christie's Letter : 2015
Email correspondence regarding Agatha Christie's connection with Marple, containing a photocopy of a two page letter addressed to Mrs McMurphy from Agatha Christie in 1968 replying to her enquiry on how she came to use the name "Marple".

Friends of Rose Hill Station Awards : 2010, 11 & 12
Three Awards presented to The Friends of Rose Hill Station :
1. Pride in Marple Award : 2010 : Environment Champion - Highly Commended presented by Stockport Council's Area Committee.
2, Pride inn Marple Awards : 2012 : Environment Champion -…

Rail Connection to Messrs Park & Paterson at Rose Hill Station
Photocopy of layout drawing showing the proposed rail connection for Messrs Park & Paterson at Rose Hill station by C.C. & N.S.R : Undated

Newspaper Cuttings : Rose Hill Station
Rose Hill : Best kept sation, newspaper report from Marple Review Spring 2014.
Cutting from Marple Review reporting on mural at Rose Hill Station consisting on four hundred plywood discs celebrating different aspects and the people involved in the…

Rose Hilll Station : 150 Year Anniversary Celebration : 2019
Newspaper article from the Marple Review Spring 2019 reporting on the preparations for Rose Hill Station commemorative events celebrating 150 anniversary.
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