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Draft Manuscript for "History of Education in Marple"  G Swindells
96 photocopied pages of draft manuscript for G A Swindells book "History of Education in Marple 1603 - 1971.
Draft for SCHMA/03/01a

Typed & Handwritten research notes for "History of Education in Marple 1603 - 1971"
Handwritten and typed research notes compiled by G A Swindells for her book "History of Education in Marple 1603-1971 Correspondence from Didsbury College of Education dated 1972 to Mrs Swindells with additional information relating to education in…

Syllabus Marple Men's Class held at Albert Schools : 1910
Original Syllabus for January to June 1910 for Marple Men's Class meetings held in the Albert Schools, Church Lane Marple every Sunday afternoon at 2.30.
Talks on subjects ranging from "Superman" to "Perpetual Motion".

Booklet : "History of Education in Marple 1602 - 1971" by Gladys A Swindells B.A. 1974
Two original copies of the 35 page Booklet entitled "History of Education in Marple 1603 - 1971" by Gladys A Swindells B.A. March 1974
History of Education in Marple in three main sections :
19th Century or philanthropic period
1902 - 1944 the…

Account Book for Day Schools 1831 - 1844
Handwritten copies of account books for day schools dating from 1831 - 1844 giving information on expenditure including salaries, maintenance costs and daily essentials including candles, pins and Bibles.

List of Marple Schools and Sunday Schools
Photocopied pages giving information on schools in the Marple Area giving brief information on history, facilities and number of places.
Pages 165 - 172 from unknown book.

Newspaper articles relating to Education in  Marple 1827 - 1979
Photocopies of newspaper articles and handwritten accounts from various publications on Education in Marple 1827 - 1979.
ie : Stockport Advertiser 26th May 1827 reporting on the laying of cornerstone at the New National School
1979 from Stockport…

Census, Directories for Schools and Schoolmasters.
Handwritten records extracted from census records 1851 - 91 and trade directories from 1822 - 1923 giving information on school properties and schoolmasters houses.
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