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Various research notes relating to Mellor School 1878 - 1945
Typed and handwritten notes relating to Mellor School starting from Census Register made in 1878 with information on pupil numbers and important events.

Mellor C. P.  School : Location Plan
Photocopy of Location Plan for Mellor C.P. School showing roads, buildings and foothpaths around the school.
Date and source unknown

Extracts from Mellor School Log Books : 1877 - 1945
Typed and handwritten extracts from Mellor School Log Books for 1877 to 1945 giving information on staff, pupils, building maintenance and weather conditions and illness effecting attenance.
First page also includes two advertisements from…

Attendance List including Ludworth & Mellor
Single document : Page 3 : Belper Attendance District. With district heading and under Chapel-en-le-Frith District pupils name and their schools are listed. Ludworth and Mellor Schools mentioned.

Extract : Schools Enquiry Commission : 1867-68 : British Parliamentary Papers
Photocopied extracts from Schools Enquiry Commission 1867-68 from British Parliamentary Papers. Page 502 : North Midland Division : Derbyshire.
Information on Endowed Grammar Schools in the area including Mellor Free Grammar School, report from Mr…

Mellor School Board Notes : 1894
Single Page documents giving typed notes on Mellor School Board :
1. School Board Contest : June 1894
2. School Board Elections : June 1894
3. Statement relating to Elections : May 1894
4. Flower Service : July 1894

Report Books : 1894 - 1898 & 1901 - 1908
15 typed pages from Mellor School Report Book dating from 1894 when the book started to 1918.
Mainly reports to the Board from Headmaster with details of Fees, Curriculum, timetables and maintenance.

Mellor School : Handwritten Booklet : 1879
Typed transcript of notes from a Mellor School handwritten booklet dating from 1879 giving information on deeds, reports from Derbyshire CC and misc school procedures.

Minor Scholarship  :  Derbyshire Education Committee : 1932
Photocopy of Derbyshire Local Education Authority agreement for a minor scholarship at New Mills Secondary School addressed to the Parents of Florence May Heath. 1932. Signed by Head teacher at Mellor Council School.
Accompanying documents setting…

Derbyshire Education Committee circular to Managers & Teachers :  1932
Original copy of circular from Derbyshire Education Committee No 91 from June 1982 to Managers and Teachers giving information on duties of Caretakers, use of slates in school and award of Minor Scholarships.

Friends of Mellor Primary School Asociation : 1985
Single document produced by Friends of Mellor Primary School Association giving details of receipts and payments account from lst January to 3lst July 1985., signed and dated by D W Ray Chartered Accountant 26th September 1985
Also A3 Agenda notice…

References for Schoolmaster : 1708 & 1713
Typed transcript headed "References for Schoolmaster" :
Four items with details of licences granted for Mr T Winder (1708) and Mr Bartholomew Booth(1713) to instruct boys in letters and grammar.
Source unknown.

Handwritten extracts from Mellor School Entry Book : 1892 - 1945
Three double sided handwritten documents with extracts from Mellor Entry Book listing number of pupils and their ages from 1892 - 1945.

Booklet : Memories of Mellor School & Misc.  Reminiscences
Ringbound booklet "Mellor School Memories" a compilation of events from 1880 to 1995 at Mellor Primary School, edited by Stephen Picot, June 1995 with history, extracts from the schools log book with accompanying photographs, maps.

Walklate Educational Trust : 1853 - 1925
Original document produced by Ministry of Education giving information on the Walklate Educational Foundation relating to the scheme with its foundation in 1639 and regulations regarding the appointment of Trustees, meetings, voting, investments and…

Newhouse Hill Sunday School Rule Book :1817
Photocopy of Rules for the Newhouse Hill Sunday School and Library belonging to the United Methodist Free Churches with Library Catalogue.
Listing general rules or the school, duties of staff and pupils. Rules for the library with catalogue of books…

Letter to T Arnold MP re Development of Mellor Primary School 1989
Letter to Tom Arnold M.P. at the House of Commons further to a site visit with the him, the author (unknown) and Peter Cunningham with several points raised after the meeting.
Metropolitan Borough of Stockport location map 1:1250 scale showing plans…

Walklate Indenture : 1639 & 1792 : Photocopy & Transcript
Photocopies of the indenture with typed transcript dated 19th September 1639 and 3rd December 1792 referring to the setting up the Walklate Eduational Trust for the maintenance of a Free School.

Mellor National Sunday School Regulations : 1819
Handwritten copy of the Regulations for Mellor Sunday School February 28th 1819 with accompanying notes, queries and further research to be carried out.
Author : Audrey Lee

Education in Mellor 1639 to 1970
Eight double sided handwritten draft and research notes "Education in Mellor 1639 - 1790" story pieced together mainly from sorting Church records in the Church Chest belonging to St.Thomas's, Mellor and the authors personal recollection.
Date 1970…

Flyer announcing :  H R Wrigley Day & Evening School : 1851
Advertisement announcing to the inhabitants of Mellor, Moor End and Vicinity Mr H R Wrigley inntends opening a day and evening school at Wesleyan Methodist School Room 30th June 1851.
Giving timetable, courses, fees.

Mellor Primary School Leaftet : 2005
Leaflet produced by Mellor Primary School in 2005 to promote the schools facilities, curriculum, term times with contact details.

Booklet : Derbyshire Education Committee Regulations : 1902
Original booklet from Derbyshire Education Committee : Education Act 1902 with provisional regulations and instructions for the Guidance of Managers, correspondents and Teachers in the Council and voluntary elementary schools from 30th September 1902…

Handwritten note on Vicars Role at School
Original note stamped Kingston House, Didsbury, outlining the role of the Vicar at school under the Education act of 1871 this includes religious instruction , Sunday School and dismissal / recruitment of teachers.

Photographs of Mellor School Centenary Fete : 1980
Four black and white photographs showing staff and pupils at Mellor Schools Centenary Fete held on 12th July 1980.
1. Headmaster Allen Crabb canning pupil
2. Two ladies in Victorian dress, Mrs Wendy Greenacre, Mrs Brenda Reynolds.
3. Group in…
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