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Agreement : UDC and Jack Williams : Dwelling at Peace Farm : 1937
Photocopy of page 1 of an Agreement drawn up between U.D.C. and Jack Williams of Gatley for the construction of 24 bungalows and 40 dwelling houses at Peace Farm Housing Site, Stockport Road Marple with Thomas Cooper, Architect, to prepare drawings…

Statistical Analysis of Numbers & Rateable Values : 1963
Two A3 paper with photocopy of Statistical Analalysis of Numbers and Rateable Values of all Hereditaments assessed in the valuation list lst April 1963. Administrative County : Chester. Rating Area : Marple.
Listing Domestic, Commercial, Industrial,…

M.U.D.C. Refuse & Food Inspection Reports : 1963
Three A3 photocopies pages with typed reports giving information by F Shacklock, Senior Public Health Inspector from 1963 headed :
1. Single Page headed "Inspection of Other Foods", listing condemned food and food outlets (page 17)
2. Two pages…

Group "B" Housing Occupation Information
Photocopy of document entitled Group "B" giving information on housing occupation and facilities.

Agreement : MUDC & Frank Marsland : Brindley Farm Housing : 1926
Photocopy of Agreement between Marple U.D.C. & Mr Frank Marsland for the construction of twenty four dwelling houses at the Brindley's Farm Housing Site, Hibbert Lane, Marple dated 26th April 1926

Highways & Water Committee Meetings 1928/29/30
20 photocopied pages of the Highways & Water Committee Meetings dated 1928, 29 and 1930 (eight meetings) both handwritten and typed.

Application for Tenancy of Council House : 1948
Photocopy of Application for Tenancy of Council House from Marple Urban District Council dated 1948.

Housing Improvements : Turner Road & Brindley Avenue : 1972
Photocopy of newspaper cutting from the North Cheshire Herald dated 28.4.1972 reporting on 93 homes to be brought up to present-day standards on Turner Road and Brindley Avenue.

Schedule of M.U.D.C. Minutes : Various Dated in 1930's
Typed schedule of notes taken from Marple Urban District Council Minutes :
Page One : 1933 May- December
Page Two : 1935 Nov - December
Page Three : 1936 - 7 Jan -April
Author unknown

Architects Report on Brabyns Hall : 1949
Original letter and 5 page report commissioned by Marple U.D.C. for Chartered Architects, F Thorpe & Whyman of Oldham to evaluate the condition, cost of demolition and costs of possible reconstruction of Brabyns Hall

Ticket for Marple U.D.C. Chairman's Reception and Dance : 1971
Original ticket for Marple Urban District Council's Chairman's Reception and Dance for Friday 29th January 1971 at The Baths Hall, Marple.

Marple UDC : Handbooks: Manuals of Information : 1909 - 1916  & 1919 - 1920
Eight original leather bound Marple Urban District Council "Manual of Information" dating from 1908 to 1916 and then 1919 - 1920.
Handbook giving information from Marple UDC including list of councillors, addresses, departments, rates, postage…
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