Marple Hall Folder 17 : Demolition and Vandalism

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Marple Hall Folder 17 : Demolition and Vandalism


Demolition and Vandalism of Marple Hall.


Folder containing items relating to the demolition and vandalism of Marple Hall.

Not filed in alphabetical index due to quantity of material.
Located in Cabinet B : Bottom Drawer


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Collection Items

Council Minutes : Marple Hall : 1954
Handwritten and transcript of Council minutes from 1954, 1957 and 1963 with regard to the future acquisition and demolition of Marple Hall

Vandalism & Distruction
Display text giving description of decline of Marple Hall from several family members with Black & White photocopy photographs showing the vandalism and destruction of Marple Hall inside and out.

Marple Hall in Decline
Numerous photographs showing decline of Marple Hall.
1. 3 Photocopy photographs from Stockport Library.
2. Black & White photo showing unknown youth stood on rubble.
3 Several colour photographs showing neglect.
4. Colour photographs showing…

Newspaper / Magazine articles
Various newspaper and Magazine articles from 1954 - 1960 covering decline and demolition of Marple Hall.
1981 Article of unveiling of Plaque to commemorate the Historical importance of the site.

Extracts from Various Publications from 1882
Extracts from various publication describing Marple Hall interior along with history and people.
Page 842 The History of Cheshire
Page 78 Stockport Parish
Page 252 Unknown publication describing Marple Hall (Demolished) and Pictures
Page 190…
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