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Memories : Folder 6


Series of Folders containing items relating to Memories of Marple and surroundings.


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Memories from Jessie Ashworth : Inhabitants of Moor End
Single page of handwritten memories by Jessie Ashworth on the inhabitants of Moor End.
Typed transcript.

Memories from J Taylor : Moor End & Gibb Lane
Single typed page of memories of Moor End and Gibb Lane from J Taylor on the residents and places he remembers.
Typed transcript

Memories from Rupert Hughes : Moor End Inhabitants.
Single page of handwritten memories (on both sides) from Rupert Hughes of inhabitants of Moor End when he was growing up.
Typed transcript.

The Potts Family by Tom Oldham from Kathleen Potts Letter
Single page typed document by Tom Oldham on the Potts Family taken from letter from Kathleen Potts.
Typed Transcript.

Letter from N Wilde to Sister : 1826
Photocopy of letter from N Wilde at Mellor on 14th October 1826 to her "sister" .
Donated by her great granddaughter Emma Wilde.
Typed Transcript

Memories from Marion Woods : Rock Cottage & Mellor
Two page typed letter to Mr & Mrs Marsden the landlords of the Oddfellow Arms, Mellor from Marion Woods (nee Marsland) 1978 with memories of her grandmother who lived in Rock Cottage and her family connection to Mellor.
Typed transcript.

Memories of Marple Bridge in 1920's  from Bill Hughes
Three page handwritten letter from Bill Hughes from Gee Cross, Hyde with memories of Marple Bridge in the 1920's.
Typed transcript

Memories of Compstall  1930's & 40's : Brian Kay
Three page typed memories of Compstall during the 1930's & 40's, from Brian Kay whose family lived at Compstall Post office, including photo of Brain and parents.

Marple Council Electricity Department 1940's : Brian Kay
Eight pages of text with photographs on card in display pocket binder created by Brian Kay 2004.
Reminiscences of people and work at the Marple Council Electricity Department during the late 1940's.

Memories of Compstall during WW2 : Brian Kay
Six pages of typed text entitled "Memories of Life in our Village during the War" with supporting maps and colour photographs on card produced by Brian Kay 2004. with memories of WW1 in 2001.
Held by blue paper gripper.

Memories of Marple 1920's & 1930  : Peggy Gould-Martin
13 page transcript of interview with Peggy Gould-Martin by Gordon Mills with her early memories of Marple in the 1920's and 1930's.
Betty was born in 1922 and lived all her life in Marple.
Typed 2018 from audio tape recorded in 2006 from Bill…

Novelty  "Map of Marple as it Seemed to be in 1956/7"
A4 tinted hand drawn cartoon novelty street map "Drawn by Mike" highlighting the center of Marple with decorative lozenge stating "Map of Marple as it seemed to be 1956 - 67" with properties of friends and relatives highlighted with scrolls.

Email correspondence :  Memories of Marple : 2019
Email correspondence received in 2019 from Marple Resident after photographs on MLHS Newsletter showing cottages at the Jolly Sailor.
Memories of her family's hairdressing premises, her families house on Market Street where the cellar was…
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