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Early Memories by Suzanne Glossop
Three page typed document entitled Earliest Memories by Suzanne Glossop (nee Spink) covering memories of Marple Bridge /Mellor school years, wartime Mellor and big freeze of 1947
Along with black and white photocopy of photographs of July 1945…

World War II Memories : Annabel Cloughley
Typed 3 page document entitled "What it was like to be a Child Living in Moor End, Mellor during the Second World War" by Annabel Cloughley, September 2005.
Sub heading informs "This information gained from Grace who lived in Moor End during the…

Hawk Green Memories : Alan Proctor
Five page typed document by Alan Proctor entitled "Recollection of a Village" undated.
Reminiscences from 1930-1940 of Hawk Green of his youth including the reading room, "The Chippie", and local shops and Goyt Mill.

Family Memories : Marion Wood (nee Marsland) at Rock Cottage opposite Oddfellows.
Typed correspondence between Tom Oldham and Marion Wood 1978 with memories of the Wood/Marsland family from 1978 who lived at Rock Cottage opposite Oddfellows Arms, Mellor

Prisoners of War Memories by Colin Stegeman
Email from Colin Stegeman 2001 giving information on the Prisoners of World War Two working in the area when he was a child

"My Wife Doreen - A lovely Lady" : Tom Oldham
Nineteen page document entitled "My Wife Doreen - A lovely Lady" written by Tom Oldham (undated) with content describing their meeting, marriage and family life upto Doreens death in 1991.
Two page attachment with jottings and reminiscences of…

Hibbert Family Memories : Taken from the "Reporter" 1925
Typed document with an article taken from the "Reporter" of March 14th 1925 entitled "Reminiscences of Miss Florence M Hibbert" who was the granddaughter of Mr Peter Hibbert the GP of Marple Bridge. (with handwritten clarification)
Further account…

Draft : Memories of Marple & Mellor - Editor Ann Hearle
107 typed pages of draft copy of "Memories of Marple & Mellor" with handwritten edit notes. Edited by Ann Hearle

Booklet : "I remember when...."  and Mellor thoughts" :1991-1996
Booklet entitled "I remember when ...." and Mellor thoughts. reproduced from Outlook Mellor Church Parish Magazine with proceeds to Mellor Church.
Mellow Thoughts by Jim Simpson and "I remember whens..." various authors dates from June 1991 to…

Alice Taylor : Memories of Mellor
Alice A Taylor : Essays on Recollections by Mellors Oldest Resident :

1. Photocopy of five foolscap pages of original handwritten and a seven page typed transcript entitled " Memories of Mellor - Alice A Taylor (of over 80 years) dated…

Extract from Will Buck's Journal
Five typed pages entitled "Extract from Will Buck's Journal" 1834-1908 which is in effect a detailed autobiography giving information and memories after he had retired from work and live at Field House, Marple.

Gilbert Leslie Astin : Account of his Life : No date
Twenty seven pages of text, photographs and census records giving a history of Gilbert Leslie Astin 1922 - 1944 who moved to Marple when he was 5.
School photograph show s "Gilly" on back row next to young teacher at Ludworth School.

Letter from PJ Wilkinson enclosing article "Mellor Sunday"
Letter from P J Wilkinson (nee Beswick) 1991 enclosing an article entitled "Mellor Sunday" a glimpse of the Early 1920's written by Dr T Barlow recounting Sunday Services at New House Hill Sunday School in Mellor.
Photograph shows a group outside…

Memories of Auntie Marie & Mill Workers Cottage by Judith Wilshaw
Typed account with photograph by Judith Wilshaw of her Auntie Marie Hyde home and work life in Marple with a description of the Hollins Street cottage where she lived, and a hand drawn floor plan of the cottage

Extract : Memories of Brabyns Hall & Estate : Author unknown
Two typed pages giving history of Brabyns Hall and Estate, description of rooms, timetable of the Hall when Mrs Fanny Hudson was in residence and transfer to Council.
Author Unknown.

Extracts from Cheshire County News 1890
Handwritten and transcript headed Cheshire County News 1980 with newspaper extracts relating to Marple & Mellor events during that year with dates page and column numbers.

Handwritten Account & Transcript : The Population of the District
Two page handwritten notes (with typed transcript) entitled "The Population of the District" giving information on the increase of houses / Churches in Ludworth/Mellor during the 1880 -1900 written by R E Thelwall, date unknown.

List of letters with memories resulting from MEN article<br /><br />
(with original Letters)
Typed list with memories, information, photos relating to 1984 Exhibition, these were received in response to an inquiry in the Manchester Evening News asking for memories of Marple and Mellor.
With original correspondence.

&quot;Further Memories of Marple Bridge&quot; : Peter Corcoran : 2009
Seven pages of typed text for a talk given by Peter Cocoran headed "Tex of further memories of Marple Bridge" with information and memories of the shop and public houses of Marple Bridge

Our Village has been chopped into tiny little scraps : MEN Article : 1960
Manchester Evening News article from June 1960 headed "Our village has been chopped into tiny little scraps" by Noel Duke who looks back on a simple life will illustration showing Church Lane & Jolly Sailor in Marple

Woodville Hall : Memories of an Evacuee (Vera Linihan)
Typed reminiscences of Mrs Vera Linihan in 2013 when she was 87 with happy memories as a evacuee at Woodville Hall in 1939 staying with Mrs Barlow and staff

Written account of Corn Mill at Marple Bridge
Handwritten account and transcript of the corn mill built in 1691 and other locations in Marple Bridge : author/date unknown.

T B Hospital / Hollins Mill Memories : Hilda Howard (nee Atkinson)
Typed account from Hilda Howard (nee Atkinson) of her time working at the T.B. Hospital on Dale Road. Marple and the at Hollins Mill and then when that closed Goyt Mill

Monty Burton Family : Newspaper Articles
Two newspaper articles relating to the Burton Family :
1. Date / Paper Unknown Possible 1930's : Death of Dr Burton : Esteemed Practitioner of Marple : Obituary
2. North Cheshire Herald 1983 : Arise "Lord" Burton of Marple showing Monty Burton…

Transcript of Mrs Percy Woodhead&#039;s talk on Marple / Mellor
Typed 13 paged transcript of a talk given by Mrs Percy Woodhead on Marple/Mellor from 1200 on the development of Marple, families and industry. Undated
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