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Hollins Mill: Folder 02: (Misc. 1)


Hollins Mill.


A folder containing miscellaneous material concerning Hollins Mill (1 of 2).


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"The Factory Girls" by Rober Dibb of Dewsbury
'The Factory Girl’: ballad by Robert Dibb of Dewsbury, dedicated to factory reformer John Wood, c. 1836 The Factory Act of 1847, also known as the Ten Hours Act was an United Kingdom Act of Parliament which restricted the working hours of women and…

Wage List, Hollins Mill
Wage list from Hollins Mill Nos. 26 & 28 Weft Mules
date April 24th 1922

Manchester Guardian Articles : Hollins Mill
Reports from the Manchester Guardian.
March 10th 1910: Headline "Cotton Trade Dispute at Marple"
Hollins Mill, Marple was closed last night until further notice, and 650 operatives are thrown out of work
April 6th 1910: Headline "Maple Weavers…

Miscellaneous material relating to "Apprentice's" :
1. Newspaper cutting Stockport Advertiser 16th May 1856: ."A Warning to Apprentices,"
2. Typed copy of Apprentice Indenture December 1887 , Samuel Hodgkinson.and William Sheldon with photocopy of…

Memories of Hollins Mill
Memories: Margaret Davenport (nee Close).
Memories: Edith Atknson (nee Pearce) 1935 memories
Email: Describing the Interview of Margaret Davenport by Hilary Atkinson.
Memories: Hilda Howard (nee Atkinson) written in late 1990s.
Email (2014) from…

Machinery at Hollins Mill
Stockport Advertiser 6th November 1920, 'The Hollins Mill Engine', details of the new engine 1,500 HP.

Letter from Edward Wilkinson to Peter Bardsley - 30 August 1996, names the two engines as Gog and Magog.

Copy of original advert for…

Hollins Mill Private Canal Branch, Marple Locks
British Transport Waterways, a 16th April 1959, Closure of Hollins Mill Arm Print an article on the canal arm from Pete Dixons Industral Heritage website,

OS Maps
A3 copies of Ordanace Survey maps, dating from 1820's, 1881, 1930, and 1949.

Aerial Photographs
A collection of areial photographs A4 size, seven in total. The dates that the scenes were captured is unknown. www.britainfromabove.org.uk/

"Disappeared without Trace" : Story of Hollins Mill
Three pages from "Local History & Heritage with Marple Website" downloaded from Marple-uk.com.
Written by Peter Clark, under the heading "Disappeared without Trace" giving The Story of Hollins Mill with text, maps and photographs

Photographs of Foundation Stone : Mrs Frank Barlow & W B Wilkinson : 1906
Two photocopies of photographs taken of the Foundation Stones at Hawk Green Reading Library laid by Mrs Frank Barlow and W B Hodgkinson Esq of Marple on the 13th October 1906.
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