Marple Hall Folder 27 : Wills and Inventories

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Marple Hall Folder 27 : Wills and Inventories


Marple Hall, Wills and Inventories


Folder containing Wills and Inventories relating to Marple Hall and its occupants and owners.

Not filed in alphabetical index due to quantity of material.
Located in Cabinet B : Bottom Drawer


Data Protection Checked/Update : 2021 : GH



Collection Items

Will & Inventory of Henry Bradshaw  1662
Typed transcript of Inventory of Henry Bradshaw dated 1662 at Wybersley. (two A3 pages)
Four handwritten pages of a copy of Henry Bradshaw Will 1662

Henry Bradshaw Will 1699
Typed transcript of Will and Inventory of Henry Bradshaw of Marple dated 1699.
Four A3 sheets

John Isherwood Will 1839
Photocopy of John Isherwoods original will from Cheshire Public Records 1839 (14 pages on A3 paper)
Also Executors Form & photocopy of sworn Oath

Henry Bradshaw Will 1735
Photocopy of original handwritten will and inventory with typed transcript the will of Henry Bradshaw 1735
Original will and inventory is Eight A3 pages

Thomas Isherwood Will 1788
Photocopy of Thomas Isherwood original last will dated 1788

Affirmation from Mary Isherwood 1801
Photocopy of document relating to Thomas, affirmation from Mary Isherwood and statement confirming Thomas Isherwood as lawful son of John Isherwood

Henry Bradshaw Isherwood Will 1940
Photocopy of Last Will of Henry Bradshaw Isherwood dated 1940
with Probate Registry Office form

John Henry Bradshaw Isherwood Will  1924
Photocopy of John Henry Bradshaw Isherwood dated 1924.
Four pages

Marple Hearth Tax 1663
Photocopy of original document listing hearths and stoves liable for tax dated from 1663.
Highlighted is Henry Bradshaw : 13 with Ann Bradshaw : 40

Tithe return for Marple township 1650
Photocopy of original document listing tithes returns for the township of Marple
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