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Holly Head Bleach Works Letterhead
Original letterhead of Mellor Bleaching Company Limited of Holly Head Bleach Works, Mellor, with handwritten information on its history.
Exhibition card with information on the bleach works.

Dove Bank Mill Material
Selection of hand drawn scale drawings by Tom Oldham including photograph of his model of Dove Bank Mill, maps showing location in Mellor many with keys giving further information of local businesses and public houses.

Use the link below to see…

Dove Bank Mill : Research Material
Four typed pages containing information on Dove Bank Mill from various sources, deeds, indentures, newspaper reports from Lichfield Records Office, Primitive Methodist Chapel Deeds, dates 1792, 1797, 1803 and 1856.
Sourced by Tom Oldham

Dove Bank Mill : History by  Tom Oldham
Three typed pages entitled "The Dove Bank Mill Site at Moor End, Mellor" by Tom Oldham 24.3.1986, giving history of Dove Bank Mill from the first mill in 1791 it development with description of mill and information on the Wallers.

Historical Notes : Dove Bank Mill / William Jowett : 1974
Three typed pages of historical research notes with regard to Dove Bank Mill, William Jowett dated 14.12.1974. by Tom Oldham.

Newspaper Cuttings relating to Dove Bank Mill
Several newspaper cuttings from various newspapers relating to Dove Bank Mill, Mellor from dating from 1807 - 1926.
Photocopies of original, transcripts and handwritten.

Photographs  & Sketch of Dove Mill Chimney & Environs
Miscellaneous photographs of Dove Mill & environs, various dates :
a. Three colour photographs on card from 1980's showing Bank Top (Wallers Shop)
b. Two colour photographs showing Leat at Dove Bank, date unknown.
c. Black & White photograph on…

Will of Isaac Potts : Owned property at Dove Bank : 1888
2007 : Email correspondence from a member of the Potts family concerning Isaac Potts of Mellor. True typed transcript of his last will and testament regarding his property at Dove Bank along with information of the local area.

1836 : Measures of Area & Valuation : Dove Bank Mill & Yard
Four photocopied pages giving information on the area of land and valuation along with owners & occupiers for 1836.
Dove Bank Mill and the Wallers Highlighted on Page 30 along with local area properties.

Trade Directory Information Dove Bank Mill & Wallers
Three typed pages giving information from trade directories and other sources relating to Dove Bank Mill and the Wallers.
Two photocopied pages from the Cotton Spinners, Commercial Directory 1816 and Manchester Trade Directory entry : Undated

Business Stationery : Dove Bank Mill : 1800's
Business stationery items relating to Dove Bank Mill :
a. Original letterhead for Dove Bank Mill.
b. Photocopy of invoice from Dove Bank Milll 1872
c. Photocopy of image of Wallers Speial six cord bobbin tops.

Firework Factory at Mellor : 1900's
Typed information on the Firework Factory at Norton Lee Farm, at the Head of Holly Vale along with an advertisement from 1904.
Also faded newspaper report from Stockport Advertiser dated 15th May 1914 giving details of "disastrous explosion" at Mr…

Mellor Bleaching Co. Ltd Letterhead : circa 1910
Photocopy of the Mellor Bleaching Company Limited, Holly Head, Mellor letterhead on card (part of)

Holly Head Mill : Photographs : 2009
Seven colour 6" x 4" photographs of Holly Head Mill from several angles taken about 2009.

Extraordinary Meeting : Mellor Bleaching Co.Ltd : 1928 : Winding Up
Photocopy of typed notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Mellor Bleaching Company Limited in Manchester on 28th August 1928 to pass an extraordinary resolution to wind up the company voluntarily.

S Sidebottom : Declaration : "Hurstfield was known as Little Marked Earth : 1853
Photocopy of declaration made by Samuel Sidebottom of Ludworth a 81 year old resident giving details of the field names in the area. 1853 at Stockport.
Hurstfield was known as Little Marked (Marled?) earth

Holly Head Bleach Works : Plans & Maps
Several hand drawn sketches of Holly Head Bleach Works by Tom Oldham showing watercourses and works buildings with measurements and Key.
Computer OS map showing Smithy Lane.

Holly Head Bleachworks : Industrial Archaeology Report Card
Photocopy of a Industrial Archaeology Report Card for Hollyhead Bleachworks completed in 1974 by Owen Ashmore.
Remains of building, mill pond, and race.

Legal Research relating to Holly Head Bleach Works  1786 - 1929
Tom Oldham's typed research into the legal deeds relating to Holly Head Bleachworks :
a. 3 page Schedule of Deeds : 1786 - 1929
b. 4 pages of typed Extracts and information from Deeds of Holly Head Bleachworks.
c. Photocopy of Conveyance 1929…

Newspaper Auction Notice : Holly Head Bleachworks : 1828
Photocopy of unknown newspaper from 1828 giving details of up coming auction notice for Hollyhead Bleachworks full listing buildings, and contents. Undated.

Research Notes : Brierley Family : 1832 & 1974
Single hand written page by Ann Hearle with research information on the Brierley Family, wills and miscellaneous property/fields belonging to the family. 1832 & 1794 dates

Draft manuscript on the Brierley Family by M H Brierley : 1993
18 page draft manuscript with correspondence from Mark Howard Brierley requesting comments and amendments from Ann Hearle.
11 Chapters charting the Brierley family from 1710.
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