Brabyns Hall Folder 10 : Iron Bridge

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Brabyns Hall Folder 10 : Iron Bridge


The Iron Bridge in Brabyns Park.


Folder containing items relating to the Iron Bridge in Brabyns Park.

Also see Box File 19, 22a & 22b Iron Bridge Restoration Material


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Collection Items

Press cuttings relating to Brabyns Park  Iron Bridge
Various magazine, newspaper articles, relating to Brabyns Park Iron Bridge including the campaign and formation of the Iron Bridge Restoration Project to acquire funds to restore the old Iron Bridge.
Various dates 1991 -2004 and publications

Brief History on Iron Bridge Restoration Project Application for Lottery Funding : 2003
Eight page on line version of a Booklet produced to prepare for submission with application for an HLF Project Planning Grant giving brief history of park and iron bridge and people involved in its construction.

Correspondence re Complaint about Restoration
2 Photocopied documents from correspondence between Mark Whittaker and "Axel" after a complaint regarding the Restoration of the Iron Bridge. 2008

Copy Tenancy for Iron Bridge Lodge :  1949
Photocopy of Agreement for Tenancy between Charles Osborne and Marple UDC for Tenancy of Iron Bridge Lodge dated 1949.
With regulations and conditions of tenancy on reverse.
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