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Brabyns Hall and the people who lived there.


Series of Folders containing items relating to Brabyns Hall.


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Drawing Plans for Assembly Hall at Brabyns Hall  : 1949
Original drawing & copy of Draft Proposals for Brabyns Hall conversion into Assembly Hall for MUDC 1949 showing ground, upper floor and cross section through Assembly Hall.
1/16th inch to one foot

Newspaper Article reporting on Brabyns Hall public opening : 1945
Original and photocopy of newspaper report from The Reporter dated 29th March 1945 on the opening of Brabyns Hall to the public after purchase from Hudson family by Marple Urban District Council .
95 Acres of park, woods and gardens

Newspaper report "Fight to Save a Bit of Old Marple" : 1964
Newspaper article entitled "Fight to save Bit of Old Marple" from 10th October 1964 regarding council meeting to discuss future of Brabyns Estate, sale of cottages, and future demolition of Hall.

Newspaper articles reporting on Pavilion for Brabyns
Newspaper article from July 16th (no year) reporting on Marple Council giving go ahead for scheme for a multi-purpose pavilion costing £33,000.
1971: Reprieve for Pavilion.
1974 : Lighting for Pavilion.
1980 : Rejection of camping proposals in…

Schedule of Ownership of Brabyn Estate
Two typed pages giving a brief history of ownership and families of Brabyns Estate from 1741 when Henry Brabin marred Elizabeth Low through to death of Fanny Marion Hudson in 1941.
Also timeline of the Lowe family from 1667 to Miss Hudson and the…

Family Tree Research : Brabyns Estate
Handwritten family tree going from the Lowes to the Hudsons and the past owners of Brabyns Estate with additional information.
Also email confirmation that Ann Hudson's brother was Herbert Edward Hudson : 2013

Will of Thomas Hudson :  1868
Two page photocopy of Last Will & Testament of Thomas Hudson, late of Dorking, Surrey dated 1868.

Will of Fanny Marian Hudson & Maria Ann Hudson 1939 & 1906
Photocopy of nine page will of Fanny Marian Hudson of Brabyns Hall dated 1939.
Photocopy of single page will of Maria Anne Hudson dated 1906

Pages from "History of Romiley Golf Club" : F Beard
Pages from publication entitled "History of Romiley Golf Club 1879 - 1997" by Frank Beard containing references to the Hudson's Estate (Brabyns) and The Hudson Cup, undated.

St Martin of Tours Brabyns Brow : A History & Guide 1966
Photocopy of Booklet entitled "Saint Martin of Tours, Brabyns Brow The Parish Church of Low Marple : A History and Guide".
Published by St Martins P.C.C. November 1996.
History and Guide of the parish church of Low Marple built by Ann Hudson

Abstract of the Title : Captain R A Arkwright to Brabyns Estate
Photocopy of Abstract of Title between Captain Arkwright and Thomas & Ann Hudson dated 1876 for the Brabyns Estate

Camilla Lacy Property
Correspondence with Surrey Council Council with regard to the property Camilla Lacy (now demolished) which was owned by the Hudsons from 1816.
3 Black and white phototcopy photographs with information cards dated 1907 from Surrey Council


Brabyns Estate Permit & Envelope
Original envelope addressed to Miss Hudson reused by Miss Hudson to send Brabyns Estate Permit dated 1949 to Mr Hutton to allow access through the grounds.

Material on Anglican Church at Pau. France
Photocopies of description and history of Anglican Churches in Pau along with street map of Pau in French with English translation,
Thomas and Ann Hudson residence before Brabyns.
Image is sketch by Maria Hudson of the Chateau of Pau

E mail correspondence/photographs from Mark Hudson
E mail correspondence from 2009 with research material & photographs of the Hudsons received from Mark Hudson a descendant of Hudsons.
Detailed information on the photographs that were sent to MLHS.

Brabyns Hall Miscellaneous Information
Typed page with various miscellaneous notes on Hudsons Wills from 1868.
Email correspondence with Professor Spiers research data and enquiry re Brabyns Hall. 2005
Email correspondence re the Hudson family and Brabyns Estate. 2013.

Newspaper Articles Relating to Hudsons & Brabyns Hall from 1874
Newspaper Articles :
1. Stockport Advertiser 1906 with regard to Miss Hudson's death :
2. 1919. Notification of Sale of Land by Captain Hudson (Brother of Fanny)
3. Two pages from London Gazette : 1874 & 1893 Ann Hudson in Chancery

Lowes of Hordern in Rainow Family Tree
Family tree of the Lowe family dated from 1617 highlighting Elizabeth Lowe who married Henry Brabin M.D in 1741.

Thomas Lowe Inventory 1671
Photocopy of original inventory and transcript of all the goods, chattles and debts of Thomas Lowe late of Marple in the County of Cheshire, taken 22nd April 1671.
Original documents held at Cheshire Records Office.

Francis Lowe Inventory 1672/3
Photocopy of original Inventory of Francis Lowe, Late Rector of Taxal dated 1672/3.
Originals held at Cheshire Records Office.

John Lowe Will & Inventory 1689
Photocopy of original will and testament with inventory of John Lowe 1689.
Originals held at Cheshire Records Office.

James Lowe Will & Inventory 1695
Photocopy of original will and inventory of James Lowe of Marple 1695. Typed transcript of both.
Originals held at Cheshire Records Office

Thomas Lowe Will 1667
Photocopy of original will of Thomas Lowe of Marple will dated 1667 with type transcript.
Original held at the Cheshire Records Office.

Intestate Document for Thomas Lowe 1773
Photocopy of original intestate document by Ann Lowe for her husband Thomas Lowe 1773, signed by Ann Lowe, Eliz Brabin.
Original document held at Cheshire Records Office

Notes on Brabins, Lowes families from 1661
Two typed pages with information from various sources regarding the Brabins, Lowes families from 1661
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