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  • Collection: Marple Hall Folder 12 : Henry Bradshaw Isherwood 1868 - 1940

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Photocopy of an Abstract of Title by Indenture over eight A3 pages made by John Henry Bradshaw Isherwood in 1907.
Small hand drawn plan showing location of land referred to in Marple. Bowden Lane/Dale Road.

Three pages on A3 paper, Typed Abstract of the Title of The Compstall Co-operative relating to a plot of land fronting Stockport Road Marple between Isherwood Family and CIS. dated 1953.
Plan showing location on wax paper. (Old Peace Farm/Norbury…

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Typed brief History of Henry Bradshaw Isherwood as part of an exhibition.
Photograph from Marple Website virtual Tour of Henry & Beatrice

map marple 001.jpg
Photocopy of map from 1934 showing Marple Hall Estate, buildings and parkland.
Note from exhibition stating slow growth during 1886 - 1924 and Isherwoods continued to sell of parcels of land for development.

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Typed transcript of a death Notice from Stockport Advertiser 12th July 1940.
Probate Registry Document showing value of estate at £75,858.19s.9d. 1941

Photocopy of Newspaper article and typed transcript of Engagement and Marriage announcments of Henry Bradshaw Isherwood and Beatrice Muriel Bagshaw. October 1907 and November 22nd 1907.
Photocopy of Newspaper article entitled "The Marple Hall…

Black and white photocopy of photograph with a group of six in garden setting "The Isherwood Family"
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