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Page 843 from Macclesfield Hundred showing pedigree of Bradshaw Isherwood Family and family crest.

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Typed brief History of Henry Bradshaw Isherwood as part of an exhibition.
Photograph from Marple Website virtual Tour of Henry & Beatrice

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Nine colour photographs of Stained glass windows from Marple Hall which are now in Bunbury Church.
14 page extract from Old Cheshire Churches : R Richards : 1973 giving information with photographs on the history and architecture of Bunbury (St…

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Census records for J H Isherwood 1881 at The Manor House, Welford, Northants. Also 1891 when he was resident at Marple Hall.

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Typed information from the Census records for Marple Hall : 1851 - 1891.
Typed notes on the census records. i.e the family was not home on the night of the 1841 census.

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Assorted mounted display text describing events at All Saints Church on a Sunday.
The changes in Marple during John Isherwoods life.
Modernising carried out by John at Marple Hall.
Small biography.

Several documents covering Chartist descending on Marple Hall and Mrs Ellen Bradshaw Isherwoods role. Also extract and front cover of Benjamin Disaeli book Sybil which was dramatized in his book after hearing about the incident.

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Folder with several extracts from various books written by Christopher which relate to Marple and Marple Hall : Eye of the Camera : Lost Years : A Life : Kathleen & Franks : Dear Dodie.
Leaflet with selection of works of Christopher Isherwood…

Collection of miscellaneous family photographs of Christopher and his brother Richard from 1909, school days 1916.
Father in uniform and mother

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Two articles by Mark Whittaker, author of the Marple Website for Community Newspaper : 2001 article on Marple Hall stain glass windows : 2002 article on Marple's Most Famous Son.

Two carbon copies of typed letter from Gladys Swindells, Marple Antiquarian Society to Christopher Isherwood in California dated 1972 thanking him for information relating to the Bradshaw Isherwoods of Marple Hall.

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Two original Airmail letter from Christopher Isherwood to Mrs Gladys Swindells 1972. Also letter from Richard arranging a meeting.
Photocopy of Postcard from Christopher to Nannie thanking her for his gum boots. Photocopy of the one held in archives…

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Two Solicitors letters to Mr R B Isherwood relating to the sale of Wyberslegh Hall Farm in 1949.

Handwritten and transcript of Council minutes from 1954, 1957 and 1963 with regard to the future acquisition and demolition of Marple Hall

Photocopy of five page article from Country Life magazine dated March 1919 : "Marple Hall - The Seat of John Henry Bradshaw giving information of family history combined with description of interior furnishings and room and external photographs

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Typed transcript of a death Notice from Stockport Advertiser 12th July 1940.
Probate Registry Document showing value of estate at £75,858.19s.9d. 1941

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Display showing photograph of Wybersley Hall (MAH/19/02) with brief history of residents by Kathleen Isherwood.

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Display from exhibition : Stockport Advertiser from July 2lst 1822 stating that Wibbersley Hall, late in the occupation of Mr James Chetham as tenant to John Isherwood Esq.

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Marple Township extracts from J P Earwaker book dated 1877
Pages 48 - 79 giving history of Marple from Domesday Book.
Covers history with footnotes, Hibbert's Pedigree, local churches with descriptions , Marple Hall and the Bradshaw Isherwoods

Photocopy of Newspaper article and typed transcript of Engagement and Marriage announcments of Henry Bradshaw Isherwood and Beatrice Muriel Bagshaw. October 1907 and November 22nd 1907.
Photocopy of Newspaper article entitled "The Marple Hall…

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Two copies of Black Horse Estate Agents details for the Sale of Wybersley Hall and a further 10 acres of land, auction to be held on 12th July 1988.

Photocopy of receipt for sum paid for trimming and weeding drive 1864 from Stockport Public Archives.
Photocopy of full year Payments and Allowances 1876. and January 1877.
1872 and 1898 Photocopy of maps of Marple Hall,associated buildings,…

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Three pages of handwritten text heading "Eulogy on Bradshaw" by John Milton.

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Photocopy of book : Everyday life of a Country Gentleman of Cheshire in the 17th Century : is shewn in the private expenditure of Henry Bradshaw of Marple and Wybersleigh by A Craig Gibson F.S.A. (Read 8th January 1863)
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