Material on Marple Bridge from 1621: Road & Bridge Repairs

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Material on Marple Bridge from 1621: Road & Bridge Repairs


Material on Marple Bridge from 1621 :
1. Letter from Education Department, Derbyshire County Council 1992 giving information on records held relating to Marple Bridge repairs to bridge and associated material.
2. Photocopy of three part agreement dated 1800 held at Derbyshire Records Office approving Surveyors report and contracts for re-building Bridge, sketch of bridge by Surveyor Thos Sykes.
3. Translation Sessions 1800 the sum of £250 be raised and paid which is part of the total £500 to be paid to the Treasurer.
3. Single Typed Page with information from 1798 Ephipany Mentioning Surveyor meeting to estimate cost of repairs.
4. Letter from City of Chester 1991 enclosing a copy of 1621 survey of bridges mentioning Marple as a cartbridge. Copy of handwritten page on bridges of the area, mentioning Marple, Stayley and Bredbury.
5. Cheshire Records Office research for Ann Hearle on Marple Bridge listing all the Quarter Session reports listed.
5. Extract from Coxs Calendar of records kept at Derby on bridges and highways.
6. Photocopy of 1821 Poor Law Map of Marple
7. Photocopies of plans for the widening of Marple Bridge; undated