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Roads, Bridges and Highways : Folder 2


Roads, Bridges and Highways of Marple and District


Folder containing items relating to Roads, Bridges and Highways of Marple and District

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Court Case : Derbyshire CC v Frederick C Arkwright : Longhurst Lane
Typed pages with interesting details extracted from the Court Case brought by Derbyshire County Council against Mr Frederick Charles Arkwright regarding Longhurst Lane road repair liability. The Council claimed that Mr Arkwright was liable with…

Judgement in Court Case : Marple UDC v Friends of Linnett Clough : 1968
Photocopy of typed 19 page Judgement dated 5th February 1968 under the Highways Act of 1959 between The Friends of Linnet Clough v Marple Urban District Council at Chester with regard to the liability of road repair.

Extract from "Gentleman's Magazine" 1748 : Bridge damage at Marple Bridge
Photocopy of extract fro the "Gentleman's Magazine" for August 1748 giving details of swelling of river "Goit" and flooding bridge with details of damage caused. : author unknown.

Turnpike Trusts 1854 : Tollgates at Marple & Mellor
Photocopy of pages from Turnpike Trust, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty : 1854. with information on Marple Bridge and Mellor Tollgates.

Legal Documents relating to Upkeep and Repair of Roads in Marple & Mellor :  From 1778
Photocopies of Legal Document relating liability to upkeep and maintenance of roads of Marple & Mellor :
1. Articles of Agreement dated 1824, 1857
2. Schedule of Residents liable for repair of roads and costs.
3. Handwritten Re : Mellor Tenure…

Surveyors Report 1836 : Recording Bridges in Marple /Compstall
Photocopy of Return made by the Petty Constable of the Township of Ludworth, report on the bridges in the Hundred of High Peak in the county of Derbyshire signed T Higginbottom, Surveyor June 4th 1836.
Original held at Derbyshire Records Office :…

Material on Marple Bridge from 1621: Road & Bridge Repairs
Material on Marple Bridge from 1621 : 1. Letter from Education Department, Derbyshire County Council 1992 giving information on records held relating to Marple Bridge repairs to bridge and associated material.2. Photocopy of three part agreement…

Townscliffe Lane :  An Ancient Highway
Folder containing two reports and correspondence relating to Townscliffe Lane, Mellor1. A case for consideration submitted to the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport by Townslciffe Lane resident in December 1993 to establish the lane as an ancient…
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