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Email correspondence with Ivor Blight regarding Sister Purdie who was nurse to King George V and Matron at Brabyns Hall.
Photocopies of newspaper reports on her being awarded Royal Red Cross : First Class 1929.
Sister Purdie is buried at All Saints…

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Box file containing back catalogue of Marple Local History Society publications.
See index for full listings.

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Five downloaded pages from Marple Website under the heading "Whats Happening to Oldknow's Lime Kilns?" produced by Marple Civic Society to highlighting the impending archaeological survey and future activities at the Lime Kilns as part of the…

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Article downloaded from Industrial Heritage website with title "Marple Lime Works, Mineral Mill & Brick Works" containing 18 pages of text, maps and photographs with history of the Lime works, Mineral Mill and Brick works in…

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Box file containing material including newspaper reports, programmes etc relating to the Opening of the Memorial Park in Marple in 1922.
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Original Surveyors Drawing of Council Offices Memorial Park showing cellar, ground and first floor plan for the installation of central heating. Drawing dated 5th April 1949.
Small Surveyors Drawing title "Marple U.D.C. Central Heating Plant"…

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Brochure produced by Antler Homes giving details of new housing development on the site of the demolish Treetops Nursing Home.
Drawings of view of "Treetops Estate" with 19 limited edition homes with floor plans and drawings.

Front sheet of Audrey's notes.
15 x A4 pages of typed research notes identifying records in the Carill Worsley Archives relating to Hollins Mill, Carvers, Walmsleys and other items relating to Marple generally.

Records from the parish church in Stockport covering residents of Marple up to 1640

Colour Photographs of Carvers Warehouse taken 2014
Three pages of Handwritten research, author unknown.
Page 224 from Manchester Fifty Years ago, relating to Carvers Manchester concerns.
Page 24 from Warehouses, Wharves and Transport…

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Ring bound 103 academic thesis entitled "The Change in Function of the Parishes of Mellor and Ludworth during the Last Two Hundred Years" : Presented by Clare Garner. April 1966 for Manchester College of Education.
Containing maps, statistics,…

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Two original copies of plan showing the layout of the War Memorial at Marple Memorial Park, on with handwritten notes. Dated December 1951.
Small notice that the Land was given by the Carver/Barlow families in memory of the men of Marple who fell in…

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Photocopy of Notice entitled "Remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy" from Mellor Jollification Committee. Undated

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A3 photocopy Urban District Council of Maple, Poplar Square Clearance Order No.1 dated 1956 highlighting in red the area of Poplar Grove on Church Lane

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Photocopies of pages from The History of the County and City of Chester : Macclesfield Hundred mentioning the Marple Area.
Pages 839, 840 and 841.

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Report upon Central Town Development : November 1959.
Typed report from Goddard & Smith Surveyors and Valuers on Marple Central Town with drawings showing proposed redevelopment of Hollins Mill site, with elevation drawings of shops on Stockport…

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Black & White photograph in the form of a post card showing the altar at St Martins, Marple, undated.

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Original document produced by Ministry of Education giving information on the Walklate Educational Foundation relating to the scheme with its foundation in 1639 and regulations regarding the appointment of Trustees, meetings, voting, investments and…

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Original Architects drawing of the floor plan of basement / first floor of "Cleadon" Childrens Orthopaedic Hospital, Dale Road, Marple, highlighting alterations dated 26.1.79 by Heywood Ashworth & Orford

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Planning Statement submitted on behalf of Mr & Mrs Boucier of the The Chalet, Glossop Road, Marple Bridge application for a replacement dwelling.
Produced by Higham & Co with detailed report and photographs showing current building and proposed new…

Notice appealing for seat subscriptions in proposed new church. Dated 17th Sept. 1803.

extract describing All Saints Georgian tower and the Victorian Church.

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Email correspondence between Hilary Atkinson and David Waterson regarding Gravestone of Carver Family. Coloured Photograph of Stone cross enclosed show Harold Carver Barlows name on one side.
Also colour photograph of Frank Barlow's gravestone at…

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Information of Oswald Carvers military record during WW1 with the Royal Engineers and biography from www.Stockport website.
Handwritten short biography of Captain Oswald Armitage Carver : author unknown.
Single handwritten page…

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Booklet entitled Fireman : A pictorial history of the Fire Service at Marple by John Clark, Sub Officer, Marple 1994.
Paying tribute to all the men and women who served their community giving history in text and photographs up to 1994.
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