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Ephemera relating to Marple and District.


Series of folders containing items of ephemera relating to Marple and District.


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Marple Coat of Arms
Photocopy of "Spoof" Coat of Arms for Marple made from miscellaneous mill items.
Source and date unknown

Marple Bridge Commemorative Porcelain for Millennium
Three leaflets advertising Original porcelain for Marple Bridge to celebrate the Millennium 2000, showing local scenes on plates and cups.

Local shops carrier bags
Three advertising carrier bags for local shops.
Archers Bakery, Mulligans and J H Neal.

Poem on Marple Village
Photocopy of poem by S Broome reminiscing on Marple and the surround local environs, on card.

Two Invoices from R Wood dated 1898 & 1900
Photocopies of two invoices from Reginald Wood, Printer, Advertising and Insurance Agent at Mizpah Cottage, Mellor to Disley Rural District Council dated
13th November 1899 and 9th February 1900 for Advertising Services

Photographs  :  Mrs H Taylors Pottery Collection
12 Black and white photographs of Mrs H Taylor's collection of commemorative pottery from local area.
Includes toothpaste tin from H Taylors, Chemist of Marple, Stone Ginger beer Bottle from Hawk Green, St Pauls, Strines and Methodists…

Auction advert for sale of Watercolour of Marple Bridge
Flyer from Astons Fine Art Auctioneers with details of Unique and interesting watercolour of Marple Bridge 1922 by Maude Raphael Jones, showing old corn mill and water wheel on the River Goyt.
Price and purchaser unknown.

Adverts for Shops and Services : Programme for Sports Event
Photocopy of handwritten pages with comic " advertisments" for local shops and services in a programme of sports events and entertainment. 1914 - 1918.

Home Office Report on Explosion of Gunpowder at Marple
Original copy of Home Office Report dated 26th April 1902 into the circumstances of an Explosion of Gunpowder resulting in the death of Robert Lee son of the head of the firm of Messrs James Lee & Sons, New Road, Marple by Captain M B Lloyd.

Auction of Rhode House : 1946
Typed transcript of a notice in the North Cheshire Herald of Sale by Auction for Rhode House, off Hibbert Lane, on the 5th November 1946 also sale of household furniture immediately after auction.
Second page has miscellaneous information and…

Opening of the Marple Old Folks Hall : 1967
Original and photocopy of the Order of Proceedings for the Opening of the Marple Old Folks Hall by Mr & Mrs A L Russell on the 30th September 1967.
Now Senior Citizens Hall, Marple Memorial Park.

Marple Liberal Club Sign Enquiry
Correspondence between Hilary Atkinson, Chairman of MLHS and Ron Singleton re Marple Liberal Club Sign.
Typed two page brief history / reminisces of the Liberal Club from 1956

Youth Work report on Marple Area  : 1993
Six page typed report to the Marple Area Committed dated 2nd November 1993 entitled "Stockport Youth Services : Youth work in the Marple Area November 1992 - 1993". by Will Owen, Deputy Area Team Leader.

Poster/Flyers for Local Events from 1995
Series of flyers/posters from Societies, Churches and schools etc for their events held from 1995

Visit of Queen to Marple 1968
Leaflet for the visit of Her Majesty the Queen to Marple on the 16th May 1968 containing photos of the event.
Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings reporting on preparation in the Marple area and the event itself.

Shirley Avenue Date Stone : IGE 1702
Colour photographs of date stone from the garden of 22 Shirley Avenue taken 2010 with correspondence relating to history and geneological research for IGE of 1702

Mellor : Changing Population
Typed document entitled "Mellor, The Changing Population" giving statistics and how these reflect the changing of trades from rural to industrial in the area.
Author unknown.

Appeal to the Resident of Moorend re 1997 upgrade of Conservation Area
Documents entitled An Appeal to the Residents of the Moorend Conservation Area setting out the objections to this upgrade and the effect it would have on the area and further action to take

Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room Film
Email correspondence from 2010 with reference to the film "Mr Peppercorns Magical Reading Room" being made in Marple Bridge using local locations and how the Black Lake Film are planning to cause as little disruption as possible.

Glossop Union Year Book 1924-25
Original copy of Glossop Union Year Book for 1924 -25 giving information for the Guardian in the Township of Glossop, calendar and other information on rules, Committees, relief (Poor Laws)

Programme for "Komik Kriket Karnival" 1909
Original and photocopy of a handwritten and illustrated Progamme for the "Komik Kriket Karnival" on the Marple Klub Ground on 18th September 1909 in aid of the Marple Kripples Home.
Comic adverts from local businesses and services.

Collection of Programmes for lectures/entertainments 1887-1906
Handwritten with decorative illustrations programmes for Lectures / Entertainments dated 1887 - 1906.
Spring Soiree by Leo H Grindon
National Floral Emblems by Leo H Grindon
Autumnal Foliage by Leo H Grindon
A Lecture on Riches by Joel…

Stafford of Botham Article mentioning Samuel Oldknow
Photocopy of document from Genuk1 : Stafford of Botham (Derbyshire) DAJ vol39, 1917. from an article originally published in the Derbyhsire Archaeological Society. The Stafford Family and its connection to Botham Hall, Mellor which was purchased by…

Marple Residents' Association Information Leaflets
Four leaflets from the Marple Residents Association an organisation to protect interests of Marple formed in 1945, giving information, Committee Members etc.
Photograph is of Mr B J Nutt Founder Member

Notice : "Manor of Glossop" Court Leet Meeting 1829
Photocopy of Notice headed Manor of Glossop announcing that the Great Court Leet with be held at the Norfolk Arms Inn in Glossop on 22nd April 1829
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