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Folder contained items relating to Houses in the Marple and Mellor area.


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Schedule for Photographs of Damstead Farm
Two typed pages : Schedule giving key to 60 photographs on CD (B S Barton) dated 2008 for Damstead Farmhouse, Mellor

History of Damstead Mill, Mellor
Three Typed pages giving history of Damstead Mill, Mellor taken from Historical Industries of Marple and Mellor 1989 SMBC.

Maps & Data from 1836 : Valuation of Mellor : Damsteads
Two maps showing the area around Damstead dates : 1880 : 1849 and map and typed data from 1836 Valuation of Mellor,
Proprietor R Arkwright, Occupier G Froggatt

Damstead Mill Delivery Note 1860
Photocopy of delivery note from Damstead Mill dated 1860.

Black & White/Colour Photographs of Damstead
Several colour photographs showing outbuildings and surrounding masonry at Damstead : No date.
Three sepia photographs, no dates, showing Damstead from various angles, these photographs are on the Marple Website Virtual Tour

Damstead Farm & Mill : Paintings and large photographs on card
Assorted photographs, drawing and painting of Damstead Farm and Mill.
1. M Raphael Jones painting 1914 original and photocopy
2, Black & White photograph on card of Lower Damsteads Mill in Ruins 1930's
3. Damstead photograph on card 1940's

Notes on newspaper articles relating to Damstead Farm/Mill
Photocopies of typed notes of newspaper articles and extracts with dates from several newspapers relating to Damstead Farm and Mill and occupants.
Dates from 1820 - 1862
Photocopy of a page from The Glossop Recorder giving information of the sale…

Research Material on Ludworth Houses
Research Notes / Maps / Register / Census records and correspondence all relating to Ludworth Houses.

Ludworth Houses : 1841 - 1901 : Census Records
Photocopies of census records from 1841 -1901 with typed breakdown of the residents of Ludworth Houses, Ludworth : This was part of the Mellor Heritage Project : Date Unknown.

Enquiry letter : Old Resident of Sycamore Cottages : 1981
Carbon copy of letter to Mr Bennett dated 1981 enquiring into the old history of Mellor.
Author of letter was a resident of Sycamore Cottages in 1910 information on resident/reminiscences.

Booklet " A House called Hempfield" by  AJS :  2001 & Estate Agent Details.
Photocopy of 11 page essay "A House called Hempfield" by AJS in 2001 giving information with maps, photographs and the historical connection to Ratcliffe Family and local mills, with schedule of residents up to 1986 when it was purchased by Alan…

Field House :  Miscellaneous Material
Material relating to Field House, it design with drawings, and its history during the first world war.
Photocopies of 23 pages extracted from Will Bucks Journal with brief history of house and Marple. Drawing and photographs of family and the…

House Clearance Area : Marple U D C Drawings and Schedules : 1950's
Several photocopies maps, schedules and material relating to the housing clearance during the 1950/60's : All on A3
a. Two page Typed schedule dated 1961 listing properties addresses, with information on the Tenants and families, their requirements…

Low Lea Hall : Sketch & Details of exterior
Photocopy of pencil sketch showing the exterior of Low Lea Hall on card. Undated. Artist Joel Wainwright
Two typed pages of information relating the exterior construction dating from 1840. Source unknown
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