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Lime Kilns


The Lime Kilns in Marple.


Folder containing items relating to the Lime Kilns on the Peak Forest Canal at Marple.

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Collection Items

Marple Lime Works, Mineral Mill and Brick Works : 2009
Downloaded information for Booklet entitled Marple Lime Works, Mineral Mill and Brick Works by Peter J Whitehead published by the Inland Waterways Protection Society Limited : 2009
Telling the story of the lime works, mineral mill and brickworks…

Proposal to Erect Bungalow in front of Lime Kilns : 1972
Photocopy of letter from the Clerk of the Council to Mr Stott with regard to a proposal to build a bungalow on land adjacent to the Lime Kilns dated 1972

Newspaper cutting from 1888 relating to the  Lime Kilns
Photocopies of Newspaper cuttings in relation to the Lime Kilns:
a. May 1964 : Destruction of history building halted
b. February 1968 : Kiln Plan Abandoned
c. May 1968 : Part of historic lime kilns is to be demolished.
d. Feb 1968 : Dangerous…

Reports/correspondence on the condition of Lime Kilns : 1966
Two reports and accompanying correspondence:
1. 26.1.66 by S Ashworth inspection of Lime Kilns structure reporting on general condition
2. 8.6.66. by S Ashworth inspection of Lime Kilns update of the previous report.
Letter dated 22nd March 1966 …

History of Lime Kilns
Three page handwritten history of the Lime Kilns from 1797 : Author unknown.
Three page typed history of the Lime Kilns : Author Unknown

Application for Grant : Oldknows Lime Kilns
Photocopy of typed document : Application for Grant under provisions of Section 6 of Local Government Act 1966 giving history, description of Lime Kilns and work that would be carried out.

Sales Details : Auction of Lime Kiln Farm :1961
Sales Brochure produced by Brady & Son giving details of auction for the sale of Lime Kiln Farm on 8th February 1961 with map outlining estate and buildings.
Comprising : Stonebuilt Farm House, outbuildings, detached bungalow, two stonebuilt…

Marple Kilns in the Limelight : Article
Original Two page article "Marple Kilns in the Limelight" from Stockport Heritage Magazine date unknown, written by Steve Cliffe giving report on a guided tour around the lime kilns with Fiona Turpin, Project Officer and advertising the Mellor…

Article on Lime Works, Mineral Mill & Brick works: Pittdixon 2012
Article downloaded from Industrial Heritage website with title "Marple Lime Works, Mineral Mill & Brick Works" containing 18 pages of text, maps and photographs with history of the Lime works, Mineral Mill and Brick works in…

Extract : "General View of Agriculture in Derbyshire" 1813 : Lime Kilns
Six double sided typed pages extracted from John Farey's "General view of Agriculture in Derbyshire" 1813 with description of the Lime Kilns, transport system and schedules of sales particulars of works in the vicinity of the Lime Kilns in Marple

Maps showing the Lime Kilns from 1850 - 2006
Photocopies of maps showing location of Lime Kilns and surrounding area from various dates, 1850 to 2006

Article : "What's Happening to Oldknow's Lime Kilns?" Marple Civic Society : 2014.
Five downloaded pages from Marple Website under the heading "Whats Happening to Oldknow's Lime Kilns?" produced by Marple Civic Society to highlighting the impending archaeological survey and future activities at the Lime Kilns as part of the…

Indenture : F C Arkwright & R C King : Lease of The Old Mill House : 1921
Photocopy of indenture dated 1921 between Frederick C Arkwright to Bernard C King for lease of The Old Mill House (Bleak House) with plan referring to the site of the Old Mineral Mill.

Photographs of Lime Kilns and Surroundings : Early 1900's - 2013
Numerous photocopies of Black & White and colour photographs of the Lime Kilns, tramway and surrounding area taken at various dates showing decline.
Dates vary from 1900's when the Lime Kilns were abandoned.

Lime Kiln Cottage Material : Jackie Pickford
Material on Lime Kiln Cottage from Jackie Pickford whose family home it was from 1974 to early 1980's with miscellaneous documents :
a. Typed A4 page by Jackie Pickford with memories of the Cottage and her parents "doing it up"
b. Estate Agents…
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