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John Ashton : Family research correspondence.
Two page handwritten letter from Vivian Lloyd for assistance in finding records of the Ashton family baptismal and burial records at Mellor Church especially John Ashton in 1792.

Typed notes from Various Sources entitled " People"
6 Typed pages with notes from various sources on People including:
Belfield : Bridgwood : Chapman/Heath : Griffiths : Hambletons : Shepperd : Slack : Stevenson : Stewart : Spink : Mr Pronger : Miss Laycock : Mr & Mrs Law : Mr Mack : Mr Butterworth :…

Material on the Hinchcliffe Family
Miscellanous material on the Hinchcliffe Family :
1. Computer printout of 8 Generations of the descendants of Joseph Hinchcliffe , Marple, Compstall, etc connections highlighted.
2. Newspaper article from M.E.N. 31.8/91 entitled "Is it your family…

McKellen Family : Correspondence with John McKellen
Email correspondence with John McKellen requesting information from Ann Hearle on the McKellen connection to Mellor : 1998.
His father was born in Brook Lea in 1891 and his grandfather invented a Double Pinion, Treble Patent Camera which he won a…

Mathieson (Mathewson) Family : Correspondence with Marleen Van Horne
Email correspondence between Ann Hearle and Marleen Van Horne with regard to family genealogy with the Mathieson (Mathewson) family.

Material on the Pickfords of Mellor
Material of the Pickford family of Mellor :
1. Four page typed transcript of John Pickford will and inventory 1797
2. Email and handwritten correspondence with Simon Pickford and Jack Pickford 1998: family geneology.
3. Typed extracts from copies…

Platt Family Research Correspondence
Email received from R L Mather from Wollongong NSW Australia giving information of his Platt Family geneology.
Gertrude Platt his grandmother is buried at All Saints Church, and he connections with Hawk Green.

George Pott : Obituary
Photocopy of Newspaper Obituary for Mr George Pott, 83. Newspaper and date unknown
Preacher at Ridge Methodist Chapel, member of Marple UDC 1907-1910, farmed at Ridge Ed Farm for 20 years.

Material on the Stafford Family
Material on the Stafford Family :
a. Correspondence from Walter Stafford and Family Pedigrees for the Stafford of Mellor and New Mills Area : 1999 plus extract from Mellor Heritage published in 1985 with highlighted information on Staffords

Storer Family Research  Correspondence : 2002
Email correspondence with Elaine Brown and Ann Hearle regarding family research into the Storer Family living at the Banks Mellor
Photocopy of schedule from 1861 listing properties and residents.
3 Page typed document with further information on…

Oldham Family Research : Letter 1979 from Lilian Oldham
Single page handwritten letter to Tom Oldham from Lilian Oldham of Cornwall 1979 on family research into the Oldham Family especially John Oldham born 1876 a schoolboy at Mellor Old School.

Lecture : Mrs Warrington : 1938 & Marple 1870
Four page typed Document entitled "Marple Past & Present" a lecture to be delivered by Mrs Warrington : 1938 also with research notes, Historical Notes, Population notes and 6 page typed document "Old Marple and some of its Worthies"
Original and…

Jesse Wild & Family Research Material
Typed table showing information of BMD of the Wild Family who lived and worked in Mellor.
Photocopies of three Census records for Jesse Wild 1851, 1881 and 1891.
Photocopy of map of Mill Brow highlighting mills, Hare & Hounds ad other buildings…
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