Material on the Hinchcliffe Family

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Material on the Hinchcliffe Family


Miscellanous material on the Hinchcliffe Family :
1. Computer printout of 8 Generations of the descendants of Joseph Hinchcliffe , Marple, Compstall, etc connections highlighted.
2. Newspaper article from M.E.N. 31.8/91 entitled "Is it your family Bible?" Mrs Perrin from Bramhall purchased a Bible with photographs album of the Hinchcliffe family and would like to trace modern family.
3. Eight Sepia portrait photographs of the Hinchcliffes family.
4. Census records from 1901 for Benjamin and George Hinchcliff.
5. Two handwritten bordered documents headed "Deaths" and "Parents & Childrens names" giving information on the Hinchcliffes