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Booklet : The Peak Forest Canal : Olive Bowyer : 1992
Booklet entitled The Peak Forest Canal : Upper Level Towpath Guide by Olive Bower.
No 11 New Mills History Notes : Towpath Guide
68 pages covering history and industry with black and white photographs and hand drawn maps to assist the Towpath…

Information on Peak Forest Canal : Arthur Hulme
Four page typed draft pages with information on the Peak Forest Canal (L.N.E.R) by Arthur Hulme, Assistant Divisional Accountants Office, London Road, Manchester.
History of the Aqueduct over the river Goyt and passenger boats.

Leaflet Promoting Canal Restoration
Leaflet Published by Peak Forest Canal Society entitled "Your Canals - Restored or eliminated". Showing decline of Ashton and Lower Peak Forest canals and what should be done to restore and how to get involved.

Research Material relating to Peak Forest Canal : Dates unknown
Typed and hand written research material on the Peak Forest Canal Company : Author and dates unknown.
1. Typed general meeting notes showing state of debts of The Peak Forest Canal Company up to 1839 signed John Clarke, Chairman.
2. Photocopies of…

Booklets : The Peak Forest Canal  by Edward Hill
Booklets : The Peak Forest Canal - Marple to Whaley Bridge by Edward Hill. Two Copies
1. Both Printed and Published by Gordon Mills 1965
2. Revised edition by J R Isherwood 1984.

Marple to London Canal Route : Undated
Two fragments of an original page from ledger showing route from Marple to London including details on mileage, locks, rise and tolls using Macclesfield, Trent & Mersey, Birmingham, Coventry and Oxford Canals.

Proprietors of the Peak Forest Canal : Minutes
Original photocopies with typed transcripts of minutes of the Proprietors of the Peak Forest meetings dated 1797, 1802, 1813 and 1840.

Advert :  Daily service express Manchester to Whaley Bridge
Black and white photocopy of advertisement for the Daily Express Services of Boats from Manchester to Whaley Bridge with photograph of warehouse in Manchester

Marple Aqueduct : Extract from Benjamin Outram 1764 - 1805  by R B Scholfield
Extract from "Benjamin Outram 1764 - 1805 an Engineering Biography"
Chapters 7 and 8 relating to design, promotion, building and related issues for Peak Forest Canal and Marple Aqueduct

The Peak Forest Canal and Tramway : Brain Lamb
Handwritten discourse in maps on the Peak Forest Canal and Bugsworth Complex Tramway by Brian Lamb giving history of Peak Forest canal, maps and elevation drawings.

Peak Forest Canal Society Newsletters :  1966 - 1985
55 copies of The Peak Forest Canal Society Newsletters dating from issue 11 in May 1966 to No 87 in March 1985 (not every issue).
Reports, updates and working party information on the renovation of the Peak Forest Canal and miscellaneous articles on…

Booklet : Peak Forest Canal By-Laws : 1878
Facsimile copy of the Manchester & Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Company Booklet with the Peak Forest Canal By-laws, printed 1878.

Booklet : Journal of the Railway & Canal Society : 1997
The Railway & Canal Historical Society Booklet entitled Journal of the Railway & Canal Historical Society " Volumn 32 : Chapter by Brian Lamb on The Railway at Marple 1797 - 1811 - history and maps

Booklet : The Macclesfield Canal : 1998/9 Guide
Booklet entitled The Macclesfield Canal : The 1998/9 Guide published by the Macclesfield Canal Society containing, history of canal, points of interest, black and white photographs along with hand drawn map from Marple to Hardings Wood by John…

Booklet : Tenth Anniversary Boat Rally Marple Locks : 1984
Inland Waterways Association, Manchester Branch, Official Programme for the 10th anniversary Boat Rally at Marple Locks 16th-17th June 1984

Booklets : The Cheshire Canal Ring
Two booklets entitled "The Cheshire Canal Ring" dated 1965 and 1966 published by the Peak Forest Canal Society to promote and maintain the amenity value of the Peak Forest Canal.

Newspaper Articles dating  from 1848 for Peak Forest Canal.
a. Newspaper articles and cuttings from various newspapers dating from 1848 covering Peak Forest Canal and Aqueduct Mill and surrounding area.
b. Typed and handwritten schedules listing newspaper article from various sources and dates.
c. "The…

New Horizons Boat : Prince Charles visit : 1981
Material relating to the visit of Prince Charles :
a. Official Commemorative Programme for the Canal Boat Rally & Community Festival at Marple.
b. Newspaper reports on Prince Charles visit 22nd March 1981 to commission New Horizon Boat.
c. …

Cheshire Life Article :  Mr "Marple Aqueduct " 2001
Two page article from Cheshire Life Magazine, February 2001 edition entitled Mr "Marple Aqueduct" review of new book on Benjamin Outram by Professor R B Schofield, charting career of this great engineer.

Photographs of Stone Sleeper Blocks Lock 10 : 1983
Two photocopies of photographs showing stone sleeper blocks at Marple lock No 10 taken in 1983 with handwritten information on how they were later covered with Tarmac and a wire rope used to be part visible in adjacent road surface.

Boat Permit for Peak Forest Canal
Original Boat Permit from the Peak Forest Canal giving permission to John Wardle to navigate his cargo of limestone, where loaded and to be delivered and price for May 29th year unknown.

Material on Peak Forest Canal Society Limited : 1980's
Miscellaneous material from Peak Forest Canal Society Limited accounts, membership, AGM meetings and Liquidation details in 1987.
Typed document giving history.
Flyer celebrating and thanking PFCS members

Talk : Canals for Recreation
5 page typed draft transcript of talk to be entitled "Canals for Recreation " author and date unknown.

1899 Map of Romiley/Compstall Area
A3 photocopy of a 1899 map of Romiley and Compstall area, with Peak Forest Canal and Sheffield & Midland Joint Railway and surrounding farmland.

Handwritten Conveyance dated 1828
Photocopy on A1 paper of a handwritten conveyance between Company of Macclesfield Canal to Aaron Eccles of Marple referring to several parcels of land including "Amen Corner" including map of relevant area ( opposite to Beams Moor House). Dated 23rd…
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