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Single photocopy document headed Parish, Manor and Townships with scale showing Ludworth and Mellor Chapelry.
Page 34 from booklet entitled Glossop Dale, Manor and Borough published by the Glossop and District Historical Society 1973.

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Photocopy of a postcard dated 1912 from the Valintine range showing concertinaed local views of Marple Bridge.
J Townsend family have the original

Printed extract giving brief history of the Northumberland Arms in Marple Bridge and the aims of local residents to convert to Community Pub "The Thumb" it aims and how to buy shares and get involve.
Also interior colour photographs of the premises…

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Photocopy of Agreement between Lord Howard of Glossop as Landlord and Mr Robert Wood as Tenant of a Farm at Broadstone, Ludworth in the County of Derby : Dated 25th March 1896 including Memorandum and schedule on A3 paper

Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings relating to Ludworth/Marple Bridge Area :
a. 1925: The Reporter : The Hibberts of Marple Bridge : Interesting Reminiscences by Miss Hibbert.
b. 1937 : North Cheshire Herald : Inquiry into Council Scheme for…

Photographs not on Marple Website from the Ludworth area :
1. Two black and white prints of Ludworth School 1908 & 1954.
2. Seven black and white photocopied photos of local area in Ludworth with descriptions on reverse.
3. A4 Photocopy of Group…

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One black and white photographs showing the old bridge and Doctor Hibberts House.
Two pen drawings one stating Low Marple, the home of the Hibbert Family, Doctors for three generations.
Photocopy of Pen drawing of Midland Public House and Brabyns…

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Photographs of posters outside the Northumberland Arms after it closure when it was put up for sale as a "Prominent Development Opportunity"
Campaign to save the Pub to become an Assets of Community Value. 2017
Two newspaper cuttings :
a. "Group…

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Typed pages giving information on Marple Bridge after 1850 after a large influx of Irish Born people arriving with the building of the railway with conculsion.
Typed information on the Lally family

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Typed essay entitled "A Few Facts taken from The Ludworth Censuses 1841-1901" by Ruth Hargreaves giving information on poplulation, residents, houses, public houses and their landlords used as a basis for a talk.

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Material relating to the commission of a War Memorial at Ludworth, containing handwritten original minutes of Ludworth War Memorial Committee and correspondence with the Ministry of Pension re educational grants for children of deceased soldiers…

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Typed 17 page draft document : Unknown author giving history of Marple Bridge from present (1992) from lst mention in 1621.
Photocopy of Marple Bridge information ; unknown source

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Three magazine Articles relating to Marple Bridge :
1. Photocopy : Village Life : 1998 : Bridge Over Untroubled Water
2. Cheshire Life : 2003 : Marple Bridge & Mellor : Christmas Cards
3. Cheshire Life : 2007 : Logging on to the Future

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A4 typed list of Ludworth Wills held at several Record Offices with brief details of the deeds and locating number. Also typed Information from Glossop Library

Miscellaneous material relating to Ludworth Corn Mill.
1. Extracts giving information on Marple & Ludworth Corn Mill.
2. Correspondence between Peter Bardsley and Mr Bennett with relation to Randle Bennett of Ludworth Mill 1746-83
3. Handwritten…

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A4 plan showing use of buildings and shopping facilities in Marple Bridge Cheshire 1971.

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Numerous newspaper cutting relating to Town Street collapse at Marple Bridge and its reconstruction dating from December 1991 reporting the collapse to reopening 12 months later and the effect on the local community and businesses.

Go to hyperlink…

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Selection of Posters and Flyers for event to be held in Marple Bridge :
1. Marple Bridge Flower Fayre 24th June 1995
2. St Sebastian Pre School "Farewell" 17th July 1999
3. Marple Bridge Village Summer Dinner Dance 27th August 2005
4, Royal…

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Photocopies of three programmes :
1. In aid of the Marple Bridge Sick Nursing Society "3 One Act Plays" performed by Marple Bridge Dramatic Society Nov 25th 1922.
2. Marple Bridge Orchestral Society " Grand Carnival Cafe" at the Congregational…

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Original newspaper cutting and typed transcript entitled "Copy of Old Newspaper Cutting : 1908" with notes on Ludworth, including The Kings Gift, The Old Tollbridge

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Miscellaneous Winter Wonderland and street party material :
Official Programmes 2004, 2006, 2010, 2013 and 30th Anniversary Event in 2017
Flyers and posters from several years giving details of event and newspaper report.
Numerous newspaper…

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Correspondence from Stockport Borough Council 2005, map Leaflet and information on extending the Marple Bridge Conservation Area

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Promotional Leaflet for the 2lst Century Clock for Marple Bridge : 2002 giving details production, price, and order form

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Two page handwritten notes of the History of the Local Government in the Ludworth Ward of Marple Urban District Council. From when in 1894 the overseers form a Parish Council
Author unknown.

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Three original items relating to the Waterworks and Sewers of Ludworth and Marple Bridge:
1. Ludworth Water Supply plan on wax A3 paper, setting out the plots to be acquired to protect supplies 1924, Brady & Partington, Civil Engineers.
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