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Photocopy of newspaper report from unknown publication dated 1908? with 6 paragraphs of miscellaneous reports from Marple.
First report of Marple Tech Institute, second, third and four reporting on scarlet and typhoid outbreaks in Marple and its…

Brtish Waterways letter 1959.jpg
British Transport Waterways, a 16th April 1959, Closure of Hollins Mill Arm Print an article on the canal arm from Pete Dixons Industral Heritage website,

Hollins Mill time-line.
Chronological list of important dates and events from 1712, when the Hollins estate was indentured to Joshua Higginbotham, until 1988, when the final remains of Hollins Mill were demolished. A full copy of the list is available as a PDF below.

Advertisement from 1922.
Photocopies of posters and advertising material from various publications promoting Hollins Mill c1922.
An entry for the Hollins Mill in Skinner's Cotton Trade Directory 1931-32.
An entry for Carver and Co Carriers in the Williams' Leeds Directory…
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