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Last Booking ticket for the Gem Cinema : 1931
Photocopies of the last ticket for the Gem Cinema August 1931. Also information card mentioning Gem Cinema demolished and Marple Metal Works erected on site. Photograph included states the site was Church Lane/Hibbert Lane.

Notes and memories of Regent Cinema with two programmes
Typed notes and handwritten draft of historic information on the Regent Cinema from 1968 - 69 when closed and planning permission and the events that followed.
Also memories of local residents.
One programme dated 1971 : Other undated

History Project on The Regent Cinema : Kate Phillips : 1990's
Photocopy of handwritten project entitled History Around us : Site Investigation : The The Regent Cinema by Kate Phillips, 1990's from Marple Hall School, giving history of the building, and its changes in text and photographs with time line fro 1860…

Newspaper cutting re Future of Cinema : 1965
Newspaper article from the North Cheshire Herald dated 17.1.65 heading "Marple needs Civic Centre and not Bingo" giving information on the future of the cinema and the councils plan to take it over.

Photographs of Cinema/Union Rooms
Photographs of Regent Cinema / Union Rooms.
1. Black & White Photograph and two photocopies of Union Rooms, Stockport Road 1895 which were built in 1878.
2. 2003 colour photograph showing building and architectural features.
3. Photograph of Union…

Compulsory Purchase Order : Regent Cinema : 1996
Photocopies of correspondence from Marple Urban District Council 1969 with reference to the Compulsory Purchase Order to be issued.

Newspaper references to the Union Rooms 1881 - 1908
Three page of handwritten pages giving details of newspaper articles relating to the Union Rooms from 1881 - 1908 from several newspapers.

Newspaper /Magazine Articles : Regent Cinema
Newspaper cutting from The Review Spring 2002 headline "David 'Star' of the Regent" on David Lillis Proprietor.
Single page magazine article by Garth Aspinall from Inside Marple Janu/Feb 2018 issue, promoting this local resource that should be…

The Regent Cinema : Magazine Articles
Two page article from unknown publication under the headline "Marple" giving a brief history of The Regent Cinema showing a photograph of the Regent Cinema, Marple in 1986.

Material relating to Regent Cinema Projectionist : E Arnfield
Two laminated documents relating to the Regent Cinema from E Arnfield the Chief Projectionist.
a. Authorisation letter on headed memo paper dated from 1940 certifying Edwin Arnfield has full charge of the cinema.
b. Handwritten diagram and letter…

Photograph of One Penny Token : Union Coffee Tavern
Photograph of a token "good for one penny 169" on one side and Union Coffee Tavern Marple on reverse with a 20pence piece to show scale.

Original token stored in Artefacts Box 2 : Shelf 03/18
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