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Two display items detailing extracts from Charles Bellairs diary who visited Marple Hall in 1838. Giving details of hall location in the countryside and attending an agricultural society meeting.

Paper entitled : An Interesting Old Mansion: with an introduction stating that Members of the Stockport Historical Society's and a few friends paid a visit to Marple Hall the leader being M H A Potter with the Kind permission from Captain…

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Photocopy of map from 1934 showing Marple Hall Estate, buildings and parkland.
Note from exhibition stating slow growth during 1886 - 1924 and Isherwoods continued to sell of parcels of land for development.

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Photocopy of typed Abstract of the title of Henry Bradshaw Isherwood esq. and his trustees to property at Marple.
6 pages on A 3 paper
Photocopy of Plan referred to

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Photocopy of an Abstract of Title by Indenture over eight A3 pages made by John Henry Bradshaw Isherwood in 1907.
Small hand drawn plan showing location of land referred to in Marple. Bowden Lane/Dale Road.

Three pages on A3 paper, Typed Abstract of the Title of The Compstall Co-operative relating to a plot of land fronting Stockport Road Marple between Isherwood Family and CIS. dated 1953.
Plan showing location on wax paper. (Old Peace Farm/Norbury…

Photocopy of document relating to Thomas, affirmation from Mary Isherwood and statement confirming Thomas Isherwood as lawful son of John Isherwood

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Two copies of Archaeological report from South Trafford Archaeological Group of Marple Hall on the site of the Manor House in 1992.
Black and white photocopies of photographs taken during the dig.

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Article from Cheshire Life dated April 1969 : entitled "John Bradshaw - Regicide" by R K Atkinson writes of the Cheshireman who condemned his King to death. With illustrations

6 page article from Stockport Heritage Magazine dated 1988 entitled "A ghostly outline of the Past" Marple Hall was demolished in 1958 but memories linger ...
Smaller sections covering The Purtitan Colonel, The Legend of the "luckless"…

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Two punched pockets containing 0riginal and photocopy of Article from the Listener 25.11.54. by M A Robson on the Journal of Charles Bellairs. Pages 908, 909and 913.
Descriptions of interior of Marple Hall and details of people and history of…

Original & ring bound photocopy of Auction Sale Catalogue for Marple Hall held on the 30th & 31st August 1929 by Brady & Son.
Listing furniture and items for sale by room and photographs of more valuable items.

Photocopy of extract from Sir Percy Leigh : A Legend of Lyme and other ballads : Printed by Edwin Slater, Manchester 1861.
Marple Hall Ballad from Page 65

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Biographical information of Judge John Bradshaw 1602 - 1659.
Photograph of pages from Stockport Parish Church dated 1603 Baptismal Record with showing "traitor" written in margin.

Colour photographs showing the unveiling of Blue Plaque for Lord President.
Located on side wall of Petrol Station (location of the Place) by Mayor Phillip Harrison 23rd August 1993.
Church Lane/Stockport Road
Newspaper cutting "Famous site now a…

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Booklet entitled "A Short Guide and History of Marple Hall by H Cotton.
Printed by the author at Marple Hall 1934.
Twenty one page brief History and legends and also descriptions of Entrance Hall, Library, Bradshaw Room, Guest Room, attic and…

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2 original 16 page booklets (also Photocopy) entitled A Short History of Marple Hall, compiled by F Tunstall from notes by Henry Bradshaw-Isherwood Esq from 1606.
Printed by G H Bailey, New Mills

Booklet printed by Gannow Publishing of Bristol entitled " The Journal of Charles Bellairs in which he records his wooing of Anna Maria Bradshaw-Isherwood of Marple Hall" zwith photographs of brief biography and detailed accounts of his visits to…

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Photocopy of pedigree of Bradshaw Isherwood
Birth Certificate of Percy Arthur Isherwood 1869
Married Certificate of Arthur Isherwood 1804
E mail correspondence between H Atkinson and N Molineux and Research Documents from

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Three page pedigree for the Bradshaw Isherwood family of Marple Hall from Early 16c to 19c
Single Document with pedigree to 1881

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Typed information : Brief descriptions of Bradshaw Isherwoods connection to All Saints Church.
Also information of Mrs Bradshaw Isherwoods connection in the building of St.Johns in Offerton and Offerton Community Hall.

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Eight typed pages listing details of estate papers with reference location for the Estate Papers 1606 - 1897 including Covenants / Indentures and Leases and miscellaneous information.
Source unknown

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Several photocopied documents relating to family trees of Bradshaw Isherwoods of Marple and Wibersley.
Miscellaneous family trees from unknown sources
Pages 843 & 844 of the Macclesfield Hundred with brief history.
Typed List of Births/Deaths in…

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Eight display pages from undated exhibition giving information and dates on how the Bradshaw family married into the Pimlotts and then the Isherwoods.
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