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Series of Folders containing items relating to World War One and two.


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Selection of Ration Books from WW1 & WW2
Selection of original Ration Books from WW1 & WW2 :
1917 : National Registration Card
1918 June, October : Child's Ration Books
1918 June, October : Ration Books
1953 - 1954 : Ministry of Food Ration Book
1941 : Ministry of Food : Ration…

WW2 Civil Defence Volunteers Certificates : R Julier & G.S.B. Booth
Two original certificates presented to M Reginald Julier of Hawk Green, Marple who served part time in the Civil Defence Volunteers during World War of 1939 - 1945, also George S B Booth along with Civil Defence Cert. from Marple U.D.C.

WW1 : Red Cross Certificate : Miss Edith Edwards
Original Certificate in recognition of valuable services rendered during the war to Miss Edith Edwards from the British Red Cross Society. 1914 - 1919

Booklet : "A Village at War" by Jack Turnbull : WW2
Original booklet "A Village at War" by Jack Turnbull with a collection of memories, anecdotes and events remembering the important part played by the men and women of Marple, Compstall, Mellor and Strines during the Second World War.

Dispersal Arrangements for Evacuees : 1939
Original typed letter to Householders from Marple Urban District Council giving notice of "Goverment Evcuation Scheme" and their responsibilities under the Civil Defence to give information of housing that could be available.
Photocopy of A3…

W.R.N.S. Employment Certificate : 1944 - 1946 : M L Nelson
Original copy of Women Royal Navy Service Employment Certificate for Mabel Lewis Nelson (nee Edmond) who was employed as a rating between 1944 - 1946.

Fuel & Lighting Order Registration Document : 1938/39
Original copy of Fuel and Lighting Order 1939 registering resident for the specific amount of coal from 30th September 1938 to 30th June 1939 and the licensed coal merchant name and address.

British Restaurant Poster : WW2
Two original British Restaurant Poster (one A4 photocopy) with direction arrow from WW2

Certificate of Exemption from Military Service : 1918
Original Certificate of Exemption from Military Service 1918 showing the applicants details name, address, age, profession with the reason for the exemption.

Photograph :  WW1 : "Marple" Aeroplane
Original black and white photograph showing biplane with the name "Marple". Recognised as a R.E. 8 Suddely Deasy built in Coventry during the first world war.

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Photographs : Marple's Home Guard : Drill / Marching Practice : WW2
Photocopies of two photographs of Marple's Home Guard, practising in the grounds of Marple Hall. WW2.
Originals held by MLHS : Others on Marple Website Virtual Tour

Poster : Marple Remembers : Trip to Somme Battlefields : 2002
Poster advertising a four day trip to visit the Somme Battlefields focusing on men from Marple orgaised by Andy Cook & Peter Clark co-authors of "Remembered" April 2002.

Booklet : "The Protection of Your Home Against Air Raids" : 1938
Original booklet published by the Home Office in 1938 "The Protection of your home against air raids" distributed to all households with information on how to make their home safe against air attack.

Mellor War Memorial : Unveiling/Dedication 1920 : Inscription : 1951 : Newspaper cuttings.
Two original programmes for events at Mellor War Memorial :
a. Unveiling and Dedication of the Mellor War Memorial in honor of men who died in Great War 1914 - 1918. Order of Proceedings on Saturday 6th November 1920 unveiled by F C Arkwright…

Flyer for Remembrance Sunday : 2004
Original leaflet promoting Remembrance Sunday Service to be held at Mellor Memorial Memorial and Marple Memorial Park for Sunday 14th November 2004.

Numerous Public information Leaflets/Booklets from Government /Local Council : 1939 - 1941
Numerous Public Information Booklets/ Leaflets from Government / Local Council 1939 - 1941 :
1. Public Information Leaflet No 1 : Somethings you should know if war should come.
2. Public Information Leaflet No 2 : Masking your windows.
3. Public…

Soldier's Service & Pay Book, Badges & Photos : 1942
Original soldiers Service & Pay book for Ada Nicholls with badges and black and white photographs carried with the book.

Front cover Saving Committee Log Book : Wings for Victory :1943
Photocopy of front cover of the Log Book from Marple Savings Committee in the "Wings for Victory" a National Savings Campaign : 1943 showing target and achievement.

Booklet : National Service : 1939
Original booklet from National Service a guide to the ways men and women can join the National Service with a message from the Prime Minister

Log Book for "Marple" Lancaster Bomber : 1944
Photocopy of Log Book for "Marple" Lancaster Bomber aircraft and crew with record of operations.
Paid for by public contributions from Marple Residents.
Crashed in Switzerland on last mission to Fredrichschafen on 27.4.44.
Full story by Peter…

WW1 Tank which was 'given' from Marple
Research material and correspondence with P Jennings & MLHS in regard to the Tank Banks under the National War Bonds and Savings Certificate and awarded to Marple for their contribution.
Photograph show tank at Marple Memorial Park.
Photocopies of…

Frederic Burdekin : Account of Death : 1917
Single page document with army details and account of the death of Frederic Burdekin from Mellor.

Clothing Book : 1947 - 1948
Original Board of Trade Clothing Book from 1947 - 1948.

The War Office : Infantry Training Pamphlet : Fieldcraft : 1948
Original War Office Pamphlet : Infantry Training Volume 1, Infantry Platoon Weapons, Pamphlet No 2, Fieldcraft (all arms) : 1948.
Instruction covering all elements of fieldcraft, observation, concealment, movement etc with black and white…

Plan of Proposed Restoration of Mellor Memorial Garden : No date
A3 Drawing and key showing the proposed restoration of Mellor Memorial Gardens : Not to scale : No date
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