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Mills & Industries : Folder 5


Mills and industries in the Marple and local district


Folder containing items relating to mills and industries of Marple and District


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Letterhead for Hambletons Bobbin Makers : USA
Photocopy of a fragment of a business letterhead from Hambleton & Company, Manufacturers of Bobbins and Spools USA 1897.
Hambletons of Moor End established a large Bobbins Factory in the USA

Magazine article : "Stained glass at Marple Bridge"  : 1954
Photocopy of Cheshire Life article from 1954 entitled "Stained Glass at Marple Bridge" written by Ann Lake giving information on manufacture of stained glass by Mr Willford (linked to workshop on Longhurst Lane)

Hand drawn map  : Springwater Mill at Turflee
Hand drawn map showing layout of Springwater Mill at Turflee from 1872 from O.S.
Scaled 1" - 14 yards showing pond, tanks, chimney.

Reports of Disputes at Mills : 1800's
Typed document giving two accounts of Industrial Unrest at Marple, Disley and Hazel Grove Mills.
Taken from The Times newspaper 26th August 1842 and 3lst August 1842
Also Typed extract taken from Stockport Advertiser dated August 1842 reporting…

Aqueduct Mill Fire : 1934
North Cheshire Herald report "Mysterious Blaze at Marple Mill" 4th August 1934 with photograph and account of 2nd fire at Marple Printing Company's works at Aqueduct Mill with description of the fire and subsequent damage.
Download from Manchester…

Park & Paterson (Metal Works) Newspaper cuttings : 1961 - 2007
Several newspaper cuttings from various publication regarding Park & Paterson Metal Works, Cross Lane, Marple, from its heyday to its closure in 2007.
Small advertisement from unknown publication 2106.

Park & Paterson 1972 Centenary Celebration Brochure
Original copy of Park & Paterson Centenary Celebration colour brochure printed in 1972.
16 pages giving information on history of company with illustrations, aerial photographs of works along with photographs of Directors

Park & Paterson Leaflet : Technical Information : 1982
A4 leaflet produced by Park & Paterson entitled "Founded On Quality" dated 1982 with technical information for new European standard copper ingots.
Brief history of company and promotional information.

Shepley Mill : Newspaper cuttings : 1860 - 1935
Four Newspaper cuttings relating to Shepley Mill 1860 - 1935 :
a. 1894 : Employment at Shepley's Mill
b. 1900: Distruptive Fire in Marple Cotton Mill
c. 1935 : The Passing of a Mill
d. 1935 : Demolition of Mill : Three men injured : Typed…

Spade Mill : Business Material : Misc Companies to 1988
Several examples of business material from companies that were located at Spade Mill, Marple Bridge up to 1988.
Letterheads, advertisements, cards and directory information.

Spade Mill : Location Maps (2007)
Two photocopies of maps showing location of Spade Mill, Marple Bridge, 2007 O.S. Map and undated tithe map

Spade Mill : Photographs, Estate Agents Details & Sketches
Selection of images of Spade Mill including three pencil sketches, photographs of refurbishment in 1997, Estate Agent details, postcard and notelete

Spade Mill : Newspaper Cuttings : 1827 - 2000
Newspaper cuttings relating to Spade Mill, Marple Bridge dating from 1827 to 2000.
Original cuttings, typed transcripts and photocopies

Tin Plate Works, Marple Bridge : Extract from Historic Industries
Typed extract from Historic Industries of Marple and Mellor 1989 giving information on the Tin Plate Works in Marple Bridge and the Buck family.

Photographs of Tin Plate Works, Marple Bridge
Three black and white photographs of Tin Plate works taken from left bank of the River Goyt. Date Unknown

Old  Factory Buildings, Lea Road (Tin Plate Works) : 1991 & 1997
Two colour photographs showing site of old factory buildings, in 1991 and new houses development "Grayston Manor" on Low Lea Road, Marple.
Black and white copies A4 and on card
Possible Old Tin Plate Works.

Tom Oldham's Research Material : Correspondence & Notes : 1974
Tom Oldham research correspondence with Jack Jowett and Mrs Taylor with information and memories of the mills and industry in Marple and Mellor.
Typed research notes on Mills and industry.

Windlehurst Mill, High Lane : Gale Damage : 1908
Three items relating to the destruction of Windlehurst Mill.
a. Black & White Photographs showing damage caused by gale on 22nd February 1908 to Windlehurst Mill, alongside the Macclesfield Canal, High Lane.
b. Handwritten report from High Peak…

Two Reports of Disputes with Industry by Local Residents : 1875 & 1995
Newspaper cuttings in relation to disputes with local businesses and residents.
a. 1875 July from the Stockport Advertiser "Nuisance Randle Taylors Tannery"
b. 1985 Stockport Messenger "Residents Victorious over Factory Noise" at Pressworks factory…

Collier Family Business : Correspondence 1993
Two page typed letter from a descendant of the Colliers of Marple with information on the Collier family and business interests.

Early Industry at Mill Brow & Moor End, Mellor : Mr Thelwalls Notes
Six Hand written notes by Mr Thelwall headed "Industry at Mill Brow and Moor End, Mellor" with map identifying location of mills and industry discussed in the notes.

Local Business Newspaper Cuttings : 1824 - 1901
Selection of newspaper reports on local businesses regarding floods, fire, bankruptcy etc. from various publications, 1824 - 1901
Typed copy, photocopy of original article

Business Letterhead, Invoices & Advertisements
Selection of local Business letterheads, invoices and advertisements including James and Richard Jinks Boat builders of Top Lock, Samuel Higginbottom, Edward Yates & Son, Fred Wigley J R Tymm, Collier Bros. H & B Hall, Butchers

Misc. Material relating to Mills from various sources : 1811 -1937
Miscellaneous material relating to businesses/mill in the Marple/Mellor Area :
a. Typed entries in rating book in Mellor Church Vestry Mill owners.
b. Typed document " Varied information" from directories, census
d. Typed document "Valuations of…

Photograph of Sundial Mill : Photocopy of Springwater Mill, Mellor
Black and white photograph of Sundial Mill on card, date unknown.
Photocopy of Springwater Mill, Turf Lea (Bone /Madder Mill)
(Madder is a plant dye.)
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