At a glance: Meetings 2019 - 20 Season

  • 16th September 2019: Paul Hindle – Ordnance Survey History
  • 21st October: Roy Murphy – James Brindley – the first canal engineer
  • 18th November: Joanna Williams – Manchester's Radical Mayor: Abel Heywood, the Man who Built the Town Hall.
  • 9th December: Nici Matlow – 90 Years of Swizzels-Matlow
  • 20th January 2020: Judith Wilshaw – From Ancient Tracks to Modern Highways
  • 17th February: Neil Mullineux – The Leghs of Lyme: How to join the aristocracy
  • 16th March: Nigel Linge – The Red Box
  • 20th April: AGM & Frank Pleszak - WW2 bombing of New Mills and Hayfield

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16th September 2019: Paul Hindle – Ordnance Survey Maps

Ord Marple3

Ordnance Survey Maps

After a brief history of the Ordnance Survey, the lecture concentrates on the uses of their large scale maps and plans as evidence for the local historian.

The scales concerned are the 6-inch and 25-inch maps and the 5-foot and 10-foot town plans.

Dr. Paul Hindle was a Senior Lecturer in Geography at Salford University, and is Hon. Secretary of Manchester Geographical Society.

He is the author of Maps for Historians (Philimore, 1998)